Global Grad Hacks: Ace Your College Applications & Win Scholarships

Scholarships become the primary focus for students once they’ve settled on the college or university they wish to attend.


These awards offer crucial support to financially disadvantaged students while also uplifting those who excel in their academic pursuits.

As a form of recognition, it’s essential to be well-prepared when embarking on the scholarship application process.


To ensure you maximize your chances of securing the appropriate scholarship, here are some valuable tips to consider

Global Grad Hacks: Ace Your College Applications & Win Scholarships

Use different types of scholarship engines

Numerous websites are available to aid in comprehending and exploring various types of scholarships. Platforms such as International Scholarships and Scholarship Portals serve as valuable resources, connecting individuals with a wide array of opportunities to alleviate financial strain.

Scholarships cater to diverse niches, spanning from the applicant’s country of origin to the country of study and the specific field of study.


Closing dates 

Maintaining awareness of deadlines is paramount for students seeking scholarships. Certain scholarships require applications well before college or university deadlines.

Hence, it’s crucial to stay vigilant about these dates and avoid procrastination. Utilizing tools like Google Calendar can effectively mitigate the risk of missing vital deadlines.

Look out for scholarships with a good amount of work

Some scholarships offering reduced costs or financial aid may require students to contribute through work, such as writing essays or completing assignments. As the workload intensifies, the pool of applicants often dwindles.

Thus, dedicating substantial effort to these requirements significantly enhances the likelihood of securing the scholarship compared to other scenarios. Investing extra effort is known to yield dividends, potentially granting access to exclusive scholarship opportunities.

Think outside the box

There’s a prevalent misconception that scholarships exclusively favor academically outstanding students. While educational merit is indeed a criterion for many scholarships, others value various facets of the student body.

As you embark on your scholarship journey, explore opportunities that align with your unique skills and attributes.

Don’t limit yourself to one scholarship

Focusing solely on one scholarship isn’t advisable. It’s better to broaden your search and apply to multiple scholarships that resonate with you. This strategy enhances your likelihood of securing one or two scholarship opportunities from the pool of applications you submit.


Stay organised

When applying for multiple scholarships, it’s crucial to establish a systematic plan to avoid missing deadlines. Start by creating a spreadsheet where you list the names of the scholarships and include essential details such as application due dates and specific requirements.

Certain websites may offer a dashboard feature consolidating all this information, simplifying the tracking of your progress.

Know what the panel is looking for

Every scholarship has a selection committee tasked with making decisions. To be eligible, you must evaluate yourself and ascertain your alignment with the scholarship’s criteria.

Review the specified criteria and assess your suitability accordingly. Familiarize yourself with each criterion and ensure you can fulfill them. Provide examples from your academic and non-academic experiences to demonstrate your suitability.

Adhering to these guidelines will enhance your chances of success in your scholarship application.

Invest more time on essays

Before facing the panel, essays act as a preview of your identity. It’s crucial to put forth significant effort to excel in your written essays. The initial step in essay writing is comprehending the prompt thoroughly.

Carefully read each essay prompt and tailor your writing to address its specific requirements. Additionally, reaching out to scholarship representatives can provide valuable insights and ideas to enhance your essays.

Proofread your essay

Proofreading is a crucial step once you’ve completed the writing process. If you lack the skills to spot errors, seek a second person’s assistance to proofread and incorporate their valuable feedback into your essay.

Additionally, tools like Grammarly or Quillbot can help ensure your essay’s tone and grammar are precise. Grammatical and spelling errors can significantly detract from your essay, so it’s essential to take all necessary steps to rectify them.

Brag to a good limit

If you possess standout qualities, never hesitate to showcase them. This is a crucial tip for excelling in your scholarship application. Scholarship panels seek unique and exceptional talent.

If you consistently achieve high grades, highlight it; if you excel in sports and have participated in significant competitions, ensure to mention it. Anything that sets you apart should be included in your scholarship application.


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