Gong Cha Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2023

You want the newest Gong Cha Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2023, right? You’ve come to the right spot. The most up-to-date Gong Cha Singapore Menu with prices is shown below. The Gong Cha menu and prices come straight from Gong Cha stores in Singapore.


Its fame stems from the superior quality of its Components, which include Taiwanese fruit and tea. The first store opened in 2003 in Taichung, Taiwan, and today the business has Stored in more than a thous & cities throughout the globe.

Gong Cha Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2023


Gong Cha Menu in Singapore Latest 2023

A variety of beverages are available on the menu at Gong Cha Singapore, including soy or almond milk-based teas and fresh fruit juices. The Original Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls, which can be served hot or cold, is the most famous drink.

Thai Iced Tea Latte, Mango Smoothie, and Strawberry Smoothie with Tapioca Pearls are some of the other drinks you can get.

Gong Cha Menu Prices List in Singapore

There, they have listed the prices of the food they serve in Singapore. Here is the price list and menu for all Gong Cha:


Gong Cha Horlicks Series

Gong Cha Menu Horlicks Series

In Singapore, the Gong Cha Horlicks Series is a unique mix of the popular Horlicks taste with Gong Cha’s signature drinks. Enjoy the rich, malty taste of Horlicks with your favorite tea or milk-based drink for a warming and delightful experience.

Menu Price
Horlicks Pearl Milk Tea S$7.00
Mango Chocolate Horlicks Milk Tea S$7.00

Taiwan Premium Extracted Tea Series

Taiwan Premium Extracted Tea Series


An excellent selection of Taiwanese teas are included in Gong Cha’s Taiwan Premium Extracted Tea Series. Thanks to the skill and artistry of Gong Cha, these teas present genuine tastes and Taiwanese tea history.

Menu Price
Osmanthus Honey Oolong Tea S$4.70
Osmanthus Honey Oolong Milk Tea S$5.90
Cherry Blossom Wild Berry Black Tea S$4.70
Cherry Blossom Wild Berry Black Milk Tea S$5.90
Peach Oolong Tea S$4.70
Peach Oolong Milk Tea S$5.90
Lychee Black Tea S$4.70
Lychee Black Milk Tea S$ 5.90
Tie Guan Yin Tea S$4.70
Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea S$5.90
Buckwheat Green Tea S$4.70
Buckwheat Green Milk Tea S$5.90

Gong Cha Crème Brulee Latte Series

Gong Cha Menu Crème Brulee Latte Series

Enjoy Singapore’s Gong Cha Crème Brulee Latte Series, where the traditional dessert is combined with high-end drinks. Enjoy rich flavors infused into silky lattes with caramelized sugar on top for a pleasant experience that combines the best of both worlds.

Menu Price
Crème Brulee Taro Latte S$7.20
Crème Brulee Mango Latte S$7.20
Crème Brulee Chocolate Latte S$7.20
Crème Brulee Strawberry Latte S$7.20

Coconut Slush Series

Coconut Slush Series

Singapore’s Coconut Slush Series from Gong Cha will quench your thirst. This tropical treat offers a variety of cool slushies infused with the cool, creamy flavor of coconut. Every sip delivers the ideal balance of coolness & tropical flavor.

Menu Price
Original Coconut Slush S$5.80
Earl Grey Coconut Slush S$6.20
Brown Sugar Coconut Slush S$6.20
Taro Coconut Slush S$6.20

Gong Cha Milk Tea Series

Gong Cha Menu Milk Tea Series

Gong Cha’s Milk Tea Series in Singapore lets you experience the essence of traditional flavors. These carefully made beverages take use of the synergy between the natural sweetness of milk and the depth of flavor from premium tea leaves.

Enjoy the ideal balance of tea and milk, crafted with care to suit your palette.

Menu Price
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J S$6.10
Pearl Milk Tea S$5.10
Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly S$5.30
Matcha with Red Bean S$ 6.20
Green Milk Tea S$4.50
Oolong Milk Tea S$4.50
Alisan Milk Tea S$4.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea S$4.50
Black Milk Tea S$ 4.50
Taro Drink S$5.20
Chocolate Drink S$5.20
Caramel Milk Tea S$5.10

Signature Milk Foam Series

Signature Milk Foam Series

Gong Cha’s Signature Milk Foam Series will take your tea experience to the next level in Singapore. Teas of all kinds taste great with a dollop of velvety milk foam on top. Enjoy a new and luscious take on your standard drinks.

Menu Price
Milk Foam Green Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Black Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Oolong Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Alisan Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Winter Melon S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Green Tea S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Black Tea S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Oolong Tea S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Alisan Tea S$5.10

Rejuvenating Drinks Series

Rejuvenating Drinks Series

Gong Cha’s Rejuvenating Drinks Series in Singapore is where you can find some much-needed rejuvenation. Invigorate your senses and give yourself a tasty pick-me-up with a refreshing beverage from this assortment. Drink something energizing to make your day better.

Menu Price
QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea S$5.90
Lemon Juice with White Pearl & Aiyu Jelly S$5.90
Lemon Honey with Aloe Vera S$4.80
Peach Black Tea with Rainbow Jelly S$4.80
Lychee Oolong with Aloe Vera S$4.80
Mango Green Tea S$4.80
Honey Lemon Green Tea S$5.10
Plum Green Tea S$4.10
Roselle S$4.30
Longan Honey Drink S$ 4.10

Gong Cha Brown Sugar Series

Gong Cha Menu Brown Sugar Series

Gong Cha’s Brown Sugar Series is famous in Singapore & for good reason. Infused with the rich, caramelized aromas of brown Sugar, the beverages in this series are delicious. Gong Cha’s perfect sweetness-to-richness ratio makes every sip delicious.

Menu Price
Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea S$5.10
Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea S$5.10
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearl S$5.90
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea with Pearl S$5.90

Gong Cha Brewed Tea Series

Gong Cha Menu Brewed Tea Series

In Singapore, where tea is the main event, you can try the real Gong Cha Brewed Tea Series. The finest tea leaves were used to create this assortment, which also features several different types of tea brewed to perfection. Enjoy a taste of the true tea mastery with every cup.

Menu Price
Green Tea S$3.90
Black Tea S$3.90
Oolong Tea S$3.90
Alisan Tea S$3.90
Wintermelon Drink S$4.10

Gong Cha Hot Drinks

Gong Cha Menu Hot Drinks

Singapore’s Gong Cha Hot Drinks will preheat you. This Menu provides comfortable teas & classic drinks. These skillfully crafted hot treats showcase Gong Cha’s quality & taste.

Menu Price
Hot Pearl Milk Tea S$5.10
Hot Chocolate Drink S$5.20
Hot Taro Drink S$5.20
Hot Milk Tea with Red Bean S$5.30
Hot Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea S$5.20

Gong Cha Taro Drink

The drink I sampled was the Taro Milk Tea. Crushed ice was used to fill tall glasses and serve them chilled. The cocktail became sweeter and more pleasant with the addition of crushed ice.

Milk tea should taste like milk tea: sweet with a strong tea flavor. I didn’t get used to the new taste of the drink as the taro flavor was mild and not overpowering.

If you want something sweet but not overwhelming or intense, I would suggest this drink. If you have a sweet tooth, but don’t want anything too filling, this is a wonderful treat!

Gong Cha Mango Green Tea

After a long day, there’s nothing better than a nice cup of tea to help you unwind, and Gong Cha Mango Green Tea is the best way to do that.

This tea is Sweet, has a fruity taste & is refreshing too much. The mango taste is mild but noticeable. It is a little bit sweet, a little bit sour & a little bit tart, and it goes well with the green tea base.

I love that there are no added tastes or colors to this tea. All of the products are natural, like the pieces of mango and orange peel. This tea doesn’t have any caffeine, So it’s great for people who need a pick-me-up in the afternoon but don’t want to get high.

There are also medium (50g) and large (100g) sizes of this tea. I always get the big size because it tastes so good that I can’t stop myself from drinking it all.

Gong Cha Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J

I also like Gong Cha, but mostly because their service is good. However, I like their drinks, and they are good, they are really good.

So when I saw this combination—Gong Cha Earl Gray Milk Tea with 3J—I was intrigued. Could it be? Will they get my order this time?

No regrets. But they made a drink that tasted like it came down from heaven and kissed my taste buds. Not only was it sweet enough, but the flavor of the tea was strong enough to cover any strange aftertaste that came from the combination of these two things.

Gong Cha Kids Menu

On the Gong Cha Kids Menu in Singapore, there are a lot of tasty meals that picky eaters will love. There are kid-sized doses of fruity teas, flavored milk drinks, and other tasty drinks.

The food at Gong Cha that is good for kids is made with the same love and care as the rest of the restaurant’s food. The Gong Cha Kids Menu lets kids eat Gong Cha with their families because it has a lot of different options and tastes that kids like.

Gong Cha Dessert Menu

Singapore’s Gong Cha Dessert Menu has a huge selection of delectable desserts. Here, you can also enjoy delicious bingsu (shaved ice desserts), innovative milk teas, and other dessert drinks.

You may discover both traditional sweets and innovative new methods to cook them on the dessert menu at Gong Cha. The dessert options on the Gong Cha Menu are ideal for capping off a meal with something cool & flavorful.

Gong Cha Allergen Menu

Singaporeans with food allergies can use the Gong Cha Allergen Menu. To help you pick responsibly, this menu lists allergies in each drink.

To help clients pick, the menu lists ingredients and common allergens like nuts and dairy. Gong Cha is open and safe with its thorough Allergen Menu.

Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from location to location, as franchises can set their own opening times.

These are the Gong Cha hours of operation.

Monday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Gong Cha Contact Details

Address:- 11 Sims Drive, SCN Centre, #03-01, Singapore 387385

Phone No.:- +65 6200 2288

Website: http://www.gong-cha-sg.com/

Gong Cha Near Me

FAQs About Gong Cha Menu Prices in Singapore

What is special about Gong cha?

Milk Foam, which is unique to Gong cha, is known all over the world. It goes well with our newly brewed teas because it is creamy, sweet, and savory, and has a whipped texture. Our skilled baristas handcraft each customer’s delightful milk foam using the freshest milk and the finest, most distinctive ingredients.

Is Gong Cha good for health?

Gong Cha tea shops are proud to use the freshest, most natural products that can be found on the market. They also change all of their teas every four hours. Studies have shown that different kinds of tea, like green & black tea, are good for your Health in many ways.

How long does Gong Cha last?

If your bubble tea is fresh, it can last about 24 hours in the fridge. Remember that bubble tea tastes best when you drink it right away. If you have to keep bubble tea in the fridge for more than 24 hours, try to drink it before the full 24 hours are up.

Is Gong Cha sugar free?

People who want to watch how much sugar they eat will love that they can choose how sweet their drinks are. Gong Cha can be anywhere from 0% to 100% sweet.

Does Gong Cha do hot tea?

You can pick from as many different tastes as there are teas and fruits. These tasty fruit or tea infusions can be given hot or cold, making a tasty and very unique drink.

Can I put Gong Cha in the fridge?

Yes, you can put bubble tea in the refrigerator, which will make it last longer. If the bubble tea and its fixings are fresh, which they should be in all good bubble tea, you can keep it in the fridge for about 24 hours. Don’t forget that tapioca pearls won’t last as long as the tea.

Is Gong Cha gluten-free?

Bubble tea from Gong Cha is natural, healthy, doesn’t have gluten, and is made fresh. Gong Cha doesn’t add powdered cream to their bubble tea like some other brands do. Instead, they use pure milk.

What tea is used in Gong Cha?

Black tea is our specialty. It has a rich taste that goes well with milk. Warm and inviting, our Oolong tea pairs well with brown sugar. Or, try our fragrant Jasmine Green tea, Earl Grey tea, or Alisan tea.

What is special about Gong cha?

Milk Foam, which is unique to Gong cha, is known all over the world. It goes well with our newly brewed teas because it is creamy, sweet, and savory, and has a whipped texture. Our skilled baristas handcraft the delicious milk foam for each customer using the freshest milk and the finest, most unique ingredients.

Does Gong Cha use almond milk?

(Green, Black, Oolong, and Earl Grey) Choose the tea you want. The milk used is whole milk. There is oat milk and almond milk.


Finally, the current Gong Cha menu in Singapore for 2023 promises a pleasant assortment of drinks to suit different interests. Although the prices shown here give a general idea, it’s crucial to confirm with authorized Gong Cha retailers for the most up-to-date & correct information.

Indulge in the alluring array of teas, coffees, and specialty beverages, each crafted with Gong Cha’s renowned dedication to quality. Enjoy a delicious experience that energizes you year-round.

Disclaimer: Please note that Gong Cha Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2023 are subject to change. Kindly check with the official Gong Cha outlets for the most accurate and up-to-date information on menu items and their respective prices.


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