Hotel Management Courses and Universities in USA 2024

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in hotel management, the USA is a great place to start! With a rise in the number of hotel chains and restaurants in the country, it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore the hospitality sector.


Studying hotel management in the USA offers a range of interdisciplinary studies, including tourism, marketing, business management, public relations, and event management. You’ll also learn about the operational aspects related to the hotel and food services, such as restaurants and cafes.

What’s more, with the travel and tourism industry on the rise once again, the hospitality sector is also experiencing a surge in growth and opportunity. So, why not consider pursuing a hotel management course in the USA? It could be the first step towards a global career in this exciting industry!


Hotel Management Courses and Universities


Why Study Hotel Management in the USA?

There are many reasons why taking hotel management courses in America is a good idea. We’ll look at a few of them to get a better idea of the scope of the hotel management industry in the USA.


The growing tourism industry

In the past few years, there has been an increase in new tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants throughout the country. In addition, the need for hotel management graduates has increased, not only in the country but around the globe.

International career opportunities

Hotel management and hospitality students in the USA can make a career anywhere they choose. This is because the USA has a large influx of tourists. You can choose from a variety of international careers with an MBA in Hotel Management in the USA.

Travel Opportunities

Tourism and hospitality industries both have a huge scope for travel. In terms of tourism and hospitality, the US is at the forefront of the world. In almost all cities in the US, there are many career opportunities.



Scholarships are available to students who want to study for an MS in Hotel Management in the USA. The average scholarship is USD 5000, which is about INR 4,16,000. The scholarship helps to cover the fees for hotel management masters in the USA.

Top Universities to Study Hotel Management in the US

Many highly rated schools in the US offer hotel management programs. Most of these programs are bachelor’s level, but there are also master’s programs in hotel management available in the USA. According to QS University, the best hotel management schools in America are:

  • Cornell University
  • University of Nevada – Las Vegas
  • Texas A&M University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Let’s look at each of these universities with details about their course, fee ranking, etc.

1.  Cornell University 

Cornell University 

Cornell University is the first US university to offer a program in hotel management through its School of Hotel Administration. It is also one of the top hotel management colleges. Cornell University’s Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration covers all aspects of the hotel management industry. You can gain practical experience by enrolling in the program at the Statler Hotel on campus. There are also electives in subjects such as finance, facility, food and beverages, information systems law, management, operation, and real estate.

Type Private Research
QS University Rankings 2024
Program Offered Bachelor’s in Hotel Administration & Management (3 years)

MS in Hospitality Management (2 years)

Program Fees (Annual) Bachelor’s- USD 30,000 (INR 24,98,000)

Master’s- USD 43,413 (INR 36,15,000) for complete course


2.  University of Nevada – Las Vegas

University of Nevada - Las Vegas

In downtown Las Vegas, the Harrah Hotel College is located in the heart of hotel and hospitality. The BS in Hotel Administration includes several majors, including hospitality management. The university offers a wide range of courses in hospitality studies. These include hospitality law, purchasing and operations analysis. The Lodging and Resort Management majors concentrate on both front-of-the-house and behind-the-scenes hotel skills, such as facility and human resource management. UNLV offers an MBA in Hotel Management in the USA.

Type Private Research
QS World University Ranking 2024 601-800
Program Offered BSc in Hospitality Management (4 years)

Master of Management in Hospitality (2 years)

Ph.D. programs in Hospitality (4-5 years)

Program Fees (Annual) BSc – USD 25,644 (INR 21,35,000)

Masters- USD 20,615 (INR 17,17,000)

PhD- USD 9102 (INR 7,58,000)


3.  Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University has a reputation for excellence in hospitality education. It is one of the most respected universities in the US. The Hospitality Management Certificate focuses on teaching students planning, analytical and decision-making abilities to prepare them for management positions in the hospitality industry. This certificate course will provide students with knowledge and skills in management concepts, sustainability and development, cultural sensitivity and marketing, finance and service quality.

Type Private Research
QS World University Ranking 2024 134
QS Subject Ranking 2024 70
Program Offered Certificate Program in Hospitality Management
Program Fees (Annual) USD 35,860 (INR 29,86,000) for the complete course


4. Pennsylvania State University, USA

Pennsylvania State University, USA

Pennsylvania State University offers the most comprehensive master’s degree in hotel management programs in the USA. You will develop the analytical skills, interpersonal abilities, and organizational capabilities necessary to be successful in the hospitality industry as an HM student. Choose a set of courses with a specific focus on hotel management, restaurant management, institutional management, or courses to explore a more general interest in the hospitality industry.

Type Private Research
QS World University Ranking 2024 83
Program Offered BSc in Hotel Management (4 years)

Master of Science in Hospitality Management (2 years)

Program Fees (Annual) BSc- USD 35042 (INR 29,18,000)

USD 28,746 (INR 23,94,000) for complete course


5.  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, also known as Virginia Tech, is one of 60 schools accredited by Accreditation Commission for programs in hospitality administration. The American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business has also accredited it. The hospitality program provides a solid background in business education. It is also considered a “tier 1” recruiting school. The MS in Hotel Management in the USA is attractive to major recruiters like Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels and Marriott International.

Type Private Research
QS World University Ranking 2024 302
Program Offered Bachelors in Hospitality Management

MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Program Fees (Annual) Bachelor’s- USD 33,851 (INR 28,19,000)

MSc- USD 23,351 (INR 19,44,000)


Hotel Management Degree Course Curriculum in USA

The field of hotel management is vast, and this course will cover all aspects related to it and help students improve their personal attributes to excel in the field. Hotel management colleges in the USA will cover the following topics:

  • Information Systems
  • Housekeeping
  • Hospitality Communication
  • Accommodations Operations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hotel Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Food Science
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Properties of Development and Management
  • Management and organizational behavior
  • Management Communication
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Nutrition
  • Marketing, Tourism, and Strategy
  • Hotel Engineering

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for MS in Hotel Management in USA

If you are a student looking to enroll in a hotel management bachelor’s or master’s program, it is important to understand the requirements.

Educational Qualification 

For Bachelor’s

To study for a bachelor’s in hotel management in the USA, one must finish 10+2 in a relevant field with a score of 60%.

For an MBA

Students must finish 10+4 in hotel management or hospitality management with a GPA of 3.0

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Students from abroad who wish to apply for a hotel management degree in the USA must provide their English proficiency test scores. The score can vary from university to university.

  • TOEFL:80
  • IELTS: 6.5
  • GRE- 310
  • PTE- 65

Entrance Exam Scores

For hotel management in America, you will need to submit US entry exam scores such as SAT/ACT. Some universities will also ask for GRE/GMAT results. The scores are not often requested, but you should keep them in your file if you’ve already taken the test.

USA Student Visa

Students from abroad should only apply for a USA Student Visa after receiving an acceptance letter. Check before you apply for an F-1 visa to see if it is applicable based on your program.

Documents Required for Studying Hotel Management in US

You can enroll in hotel management programs at each university’s website in the U.S. You’ll also need some basic documents to apply to colleges in the U.S.

  • Valid Passport
  • Funding Proof
  • Current Photographs (passport size)
  • Updated CV
  • Academic Transcripts
  • SOP
  • LOR

Admission Process for Hotel Management in USA

If you are a student pursuing a Master’s in Hotel Management in America, you must follow the correct procedures in order to make sure the University will accept your application and all required documents. Admissions must be handled in the following manner:

  • Search for relevant courses on the official university site
  • Upload your documents, such as your CV or English Language Proficiency Test.
  • Payment of the application fee
  • The college will review the application and supporting documents before proceeding
  • You will receive an email interview from the university of your choice once you have been accepted.
  • Prepare for your interview rounds at the university
  • You will receive an acceptance letter if you pass the interview rounds.
  • The confirmation letter must be received within the specified time.
  • Plan your trip accordingly and apply for the USA Student Visa as soon as you can.

Cost of Hotel Management Course in USA

The MBA in Hotel Management in the USA fee and other levels of course depend on the school, its ranking and location. We have listed the costs of studying for a master’s degree in economics and living in the US below.

Tuition fees

The cost of a hotel management degree in the USA is dependent on which college you select. For a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, the estimated annual tuition fee is USD 27,000 (INR 2157,381) and USD 23,000 for a master’s.

Cost of Living

The figures above are only for the course fees of hotel management in the USA and any additional fees. They do not include living expenses. Living expenses for a hotel management student are dependent on the location and city of the university. The average living cost in the United States is USD 20,000 per year (INR 16,65,000 for international students). The amount you pay depends on your lifestyle, where you live, and how many services are used while you’re here.

Scholarships for Hotel Management Courses in USA

Students who want to study hotel management in the US can apply for several scholarships. Here are some examples:

Scholarships Amount Granted
American Bus Association Academic Merit Scholarship USD 5,000 (INR 4,16,000)
APA Judith McManus Price Scholarship Varies
ABA Diversity Scholarship USD 5,000 (INR 4,16,000)
Catching the Dream USD 5,000 (INR 4,16,000)
IRA Educational Foundation Varies


Career Opportunities After Hotel Management in the US

Your primary career is in tourism and hospitality if you are a hotel management student. As a hotel management student in the US, you can expect a high-paying career. The job will also determine it. PayScale has estimated the average salary for some common hotel management jobs in the US.

Job Roles Average Salary (USD)/ year
Accommodation Manager USD 40,000 (INR 33,31,000)
Catering Manager USD 32,000 (INR 26,65,000)
Executive Chef USD 41,000 (INR 34,14,000)
Event Manager USD 36,000 (INR 29,98,000)
Hotel Manager USD 30,000 (INR 24,98,000)


FAQs about Hotel Management Courses in US

What is the duration of an MS in hotel management in the US?

The Master of Hospitality Management degree in the USA, which is usually a one-year graduate program, equips students with skills that are necessary to take on roles in hospitality management within the global tourism industry.

What is the curriculum of hotel management in the US?

The USA offers bachelor’s degrees in Hotel Administration that focus on the business side of hospitality. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including These programs usually cover: 1. Finance 2. Administration 3. Marketing 4. Information systems 5. Human resources, and planning.

What does a career in the hospitality sector look like?

If they want to pursue a career as a hotel manager, students must be prepared to work long and hard hours. You will work long hours in the culinary department and even more so on weekends.

Is hotel management considered an easy program?

Hotel management programs are designed to cover all aspects of the industry. A student must be able to multitask. This course is not for the faint of heart, but it will give you the skills to succeed in a career in hotel management.


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