Itea Menu Prices in Singapore

Looking for the most up-to-date Itea Menu Prices in Singapore 2023? You’ve come to the right spot. Here are the prices for the most recent iTEA Singapore Menu.


The rates and menu for iTEA come straight from the store in Singapore. Here are the newest things on the iTEA Menu, along with their prices & everything else you need to know about them. Like “Allergy,” “Kids Menu,” “Dessert Menu,” “Vegetables,” “Menu Test,” “Menu Review,” etc.

Itea Menu Prices in Singapore


Itea Menu in Singapore

Their tea menu has something for everyone. If you want something sweet & fruity, they have a range of flavored teas that are the perfect way to unwind after a long day at Work. If you want to try something different, try a mix like “Peach Green Tea White Pearl.”

So, why don’t you just do it? Check out the Singapore iTea Menu today!

Itea Menu Prices Singapore

Singapore has been getting tea from iTea since 2011. They always make great tea that keeps people coming back. They are doing their best to help the people of Singapore get great tea at a price they can afford.


Singaporeans are spoiled for choice because there are so many different kinds of drinks, like the ones below.

Here are the prices for the most recent iTea menu:

iTEA Popular Drinks


Singaporean iTEA beverages are popular. Their Menu includes delicious fruit teas, milk teas & bubble teas. If you adore bubble tea & want to explore different kinds in Singapore, visit iTEA.

Menu Items Price
Pearl Milk Tea S$ 3.70
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea S$ 4.70
Coco Shiok S$ 5.70
Chocolate Oreo Ice S$ 4.70
Peach Green Tea White Pearl S$ 4.70
Caramel Milk Tea S$ 4.70

iTEA TaroBobo

iTEA TaroBobo

Singaporeans love the TaroBobo bubble tea from iTEA. It has the rich, sweet taste of taro & the chewy texture of boba pearls. Because it tastes different & good, this tasty drink has become popular Among people who like bubble tea.

Menu Items Price
Taro Bobo Fresh Milk S$ 5.70
Taro Bobo Milk Tea S$ 5.70

iTEA Milk Tea

iTEA Milk Tea

Singaporeans Appreciate iTEA’s creamy milk tea. Its cozy blend of fragrant tea & smooth milk is wonderful. iTEA’s Milk Tea is a bubble tea lover’s must-try.

Menu Items Price
Pearl Milk Tea S$ 3.70
Mint Chocolate Milk Tea S$ 5.00
Strawberry Milk Tea S$ 4.40
Caramel Milk Tea S$ 4.70
Honey Milk Tea S$ 4.40
Green Milk Tea With Pearl S$ 3.70
Ice Cream Milk Tea S$ 4.90
Hazelnut Milk Tea S$ 4.70
Earl Grey Milk Tea S$ 4.10
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea S$ 4.70
Grass Jelly Milk Tea S$ 4.70
Peppermint Milk Tea S$ 4.40
Golden Oolong Milk Tea S$ 4.10
HoneyDew Milk Tea S$ 4.40
Oreo Milk Tea S$ 4.70
Chocolate Milk Tea S$ 4.70

iTEA Premium Tea

iTEA Premium Tea

Singapore’s iTEA sells premium teas to connoisseurs. High-quality tea leaves ensure delicious & aromatic drinks. iTEA’s Premium Tea range delights tea lovers with traditional & unusual brews.

Menu Items Price
Peach Green Tea S$ 4.10
Golden Oolong Tea S$ 3.80
Honey Earl Grey S$ 4.10
Aloe Vera Passion Fruit Green Tea S$ 4.70
Fresh Lemon Green Tea S$ 4.40
Honey Green Tea S$ 4.10
Fresh Lemon Earl Grey S$ 4.70
Passion Fruit Green Tea S$ 4.10
Assam Black Tea S$ 3.40
Peach Green Tea White Pearl S$ 4.70
Lime Green Tea S$ 4.10
Jasmine Green Tea S$ 3.40
Yakult Green Tea S$ 4.70
Ribena Black Tea S$ 4.10

iTEA Juice/Yakult

iTEA Menu Juice

Many Singaporeans enjoy iTEA’s juice/Yakult drinks. These drinks mix the goodness of natural fruit juices or Yakult probiotic with the trademark iTEA touch to create a refreshing, fruity, and tangy drink.

Menu Items Price
Fresh Lemon Yakult S$ 5.00
Mango Yakult S$ 5.00
Peach Yakult S$ 5.00
Sprite Lime S$ 3.80
Passion Fruit Yakult S$ 5.00
Aloe Vera Honey Lemon Aiyu S$ 4.70
Green Apple Yakult S$ 5.00

iTEA Macchiato Latte

iTEA Macchiato Latte

In Singapore, iTEA’s Macchiato Latte is a rich and creamy drink made with latte, a thin layer of foam, and a drizzle of sweet syrup on top. This tasty mixture has just the right amount of coffee & Sweetness to make a filling drink.

Menu Items Price
Green Tea Macchiato S$ 4.40
Fresh Milk Grass Jelly S$ 4.90
Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk S$ 4.70
Golden Oolong Macchiato S$ 4.60
Macchiato Chocolate S$ 5.00
Macchiato Mocha S$ 5.60
Earl Grey Latte S$ 5.40
Black Tea Macchiato S$ 4.40

iTEA Cool Ice Belended

iTEA Menu Cool Ice Belended

Many people like iTEA’s Cool Ice Blended in Singapore, which is a cool drink that tastes like ice. These drinks come in many different types & their delicious & cool tastes are a great way to beat the heat.

Menu Items Price
Passion Fruit Ice S$ 3.50
Bandung Ice S$ 3.50
Strawberry Ice S$ 3.50
Green Apple Ice S$ 3.50
Ribena Ice S$ 3.50
Mango Ice S$ 3.50
Honeydew Ice S$ 3.50
Peach Ice S$ 3.50
Green Lime Ice S$ 3.50

iTEA Premium Ice Blended

iTEA Menu Premium Ice Blended

iTEA’s Premium Ice Blended in Singapore is a delicious collection of icy treats for people who want a more Sophisticated drink experience. These drinks Use high-quality ingredients to make a taste that is both cool & luxurious.

Menu Items Price
Chocolate Oreo Ice S$ 4.70
Chocolate Ice S$ 4.10
Coffee Ice S$ 4.10
Mocha Coffee Ice S$ 5.00
Cappuccino Ice S$ 4.10
Oreo Ice S$ 4.10
Coco Shiok S$ 5.70

iTEA Smoothie/Yogurt

iTEA Smoothie

Many people love the Smoothie/Yogurt drinks that iTEA in Singapore has to offer. These drinks Combine the good things about yogurt or smoothies with a burst of fruity flavors, making them a great choice for people who want a taste that is both refreshing & spicy.

Menu Items Price
Mango Yogurt S$ 4.70
Peach Yogurt S$ 4.70
Strawberry Smoothie S$ 4.70
Mango Peach Yogurt S$ 5.00
Mango Smoothie S$ 4.70
Peach Smoothie S$ 4.70

iTEA Stylo Milo

iTEA Menu Stylo Milo

In Singapore, iTEA’s Stylo Milo is a popular type of bubble tea that has the popular Milo taste. This tasty drink Combines the familiar flavor of Milo with the chewy texture of boba pearls to make a unique & delicious bubble tea.

Menu Items Price
Milo Macchiato S$ 4.90
Milo Ice S$ 4.10
Hazelnut Milo S$ 4.90
Caramel Milo S$ 4.90
Peppermint Milo S$ 4.90
Milo Latte S$ 5.40

iTEA Q-Ball

iTEA Menu Q-Ball

iTEA’s Q-Ball in Singapore is a crowd-favorite bubble tea drink Featuring chewy and colorful Q-Balls. These delightful toppings add a fun & playful element to the beverage, enhancing the Overall texture & enjoyment of the drink for bubble tea Enthusiasts.

Menu Items Price
Q Ball Grass Jelly Fresh Yam S$ 5.60
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu S$ 4.90
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu White Pearls S$ 5.70
Q Ball Grass Jelly S$ 4.10
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu Coconut Jelly S$ 5.30
Q Ball Grass Jelly Pudding S$ 4.90

Yakult Green Tea With Red Bean (iTea)

Yakult Green Tea With Red Bean (iTea)

One of their most popular teas, Yakult Green Tea with Red Bean, has a refreshingly sour taste. With every sip, it has the same flower scent and sweet taste as Jasmine green. I found that a little crunch helps to break up the milkiness of the drink as a whole.

In addition to Yakult Green Tea, iTea also sells luxury tea that smells great and is sure to make you feel good.

1. Ai-Yu Aloe Vera Honey Lemon

Get a cool treat to beat the hot weather in Singapore.

2. Green Peach Tea

A blend of peaches and green tea that smells great and has the right amount of tartness and sweetness.

iTea Peach Green Tea White Pearl

iTea Peach Green Tea White Pearl

I was really looking forward to trying Peach Green Tea White Pearl. Since then, I’ve liked green tea, and I thought adding peaches would be a fun way to change up an old taste.

It was a good idea to give this tea a try. The peach taste was light but noticeable, and the green tea notes were just right—not too bitter and not too sweet. It was the right amount of everything and made me feel good.

I’d recommend trying this tea on its own or as an iced tea on hot summer days when you want something light and delicious.

iTea Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

iTea Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea is an excellent choice if you’re in the mood for a novel beverage. This beverage is not your typical tea; it is sweet, flavorful, and even has a touch of salty.

Brown sugar gives the pearls a soft, chewy texture that Complements the remainder of the drink. There’s just the right amount of saltiness & Sweetness in the tea itself.

If you’re tired of drinking the same Old milk teas & other sorts of teas, then give this one a try!

iTea Caramel Milk Tea

iTea Caramel Milk Tea

The milk tea with caramel! This is one of my favorite drinks for sure. This drink is sweet and creamy, with a hint of bitterness from the tea. The caramel taste is tasty and doesn’t take over. I would tell anyone who likes tea and caramel to try this drink.

If you’ve never had this, it’s like drinking a melting caramel sundae, except it’s made with tea instead of ice cream. And instead of coming in a bowl, it is served in a cup. So, it’s basically the same thing, but it’s better.

It has a thick, creamy taste and is sweet, but not too sweet. It is just sweet enough to make you feel full after drinking it. The taste is light but clear: you can tell there’s milk in it, and at the end of each sip, you can taste the tea. It’s like a party for your mouth!

iTEA Kids Menu

In Singapore, iTEA didn’t have a separate menu for kids. But bubble tea shops often offer less sweet versions of their normal drinks or smaller portions to appeal to younger customers.

Parents can ask for things to be changed to fit their child’s tastes and food needs. Some popular drinks for kids at bubble tea places are fruit teas with less sugar, flavored milk teas, and smoothies.

iTEA Dessert Menu

In Singapore, iTEA did not have a special Dessert Menu that was advertised. But bubble tea places sometimes have sweet treats on their menus.

Some of these might be tasty treats like cookies, cakes, or Sweet buns that go well with their drinks. On the other hand, some bubble tea shops sell boba treats, which are creative mixes of boba pearls and sweet toppings.

iTEA Allergen Menu

There was no public information about an Allergen Menu at iTEA in Singapore. But bubble tea places are becoming more aware of customers’ allergies and food needs.

If you ask, iTEA might be able to tell you about allergens or give you choices that are made just for you if you have dietary restrictions. Customers with allergies must ask about the chemicals in the drinks and toppings to make sure they are safe and have a good time.

iTEA Breakfast Menu

There was no public information about the Breakfast Menu at iTEA in Singapore. Most bubble tea shops focus on drinks, while cafes and restaurants are more likely to have breakfast options.

Some bubble tea places, on the other hand, may offer light snacks or pastries to go with their drinks. For a more varied breakfast experience, guests to Singapore may want to check out nearby cafes or restaurants that serve a variety of breakfast foods.

iTEA Nutrition Facts

Menu Item Calories Total Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Protein (g)
Brown Sugar Milk Tea 250 5 45 5
Taro Milk Tea 320 8 55 6
Jasmine Green Tea 20 0 5 0

Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from location to location, as franchises can set their own opening times.

These are the iTea hours of operation.

Monday 10:00 am to 9:45 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am to 9:45 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am to 9:45 pm
Thursday 10:00 am to 9:45 pm
Friday 10:00 am to 9:45 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 9:45 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 9:45 pm

iTea Contact Details

Address: 10 KAKI BUKIT ROAD 1, #03-18, KB INDUSTRIAL BUILDING, Singapore 416175


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FAQs About Itea Menu Prices in Singapore

How many calories are in a ITEA?

1 fl. oz. has 11 calories, 1 meal has 68 calories, and 1 bottle has 180 calories. Different sizes: 1 fl oz has 0 calories, 1 mug has 2 calories, and 1 serving has 1 calorie.

Does Itea serve tea in Singapore?

Singapore has been getting tea from iTea since 2011. They always make great tea that keeps people coming back. They are doing their best to help the people of Singapore get great tea at a price they can afford. Singaporeans are spoiled for choice because there are so many different kinds of drinks, like the ones below.

What food items are available at Itea shop?

Green Milk Tea With Pearl, Peach Green Tea, Ice Cream Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, Mango Sago with Pomelo, Coco Shiok, and Mango Peach Yogurt are the most popular foods at iTEA Shop.

Is ITEA a bubble tea?

At Itea, you can choose from a wide range of bubble teas, from classics like Milk Tea and Taro to more unique ones like Matcha Latte and Honeydew Milk Tea.

What are the different types of Itea?

Eleven sections make up iTEA’s full menu, which comes with a price list: Mango Sago, TaroBobo, Milk Tea, Premium Tea, Juice/Yakult, Macchiato/Latte, Cool Ice Blended, Premium Ice Blended, Juice/Yakult, etc…

What type of beverages does Itea offer in Singapore?

Itea has a wide variety of drinks, such as basic milk teas, fruit teas, signature bubble teas, premium teas, Juice/Yakult blends, Macchiato lattes, Cool Ice Blended drinks, Smoothie/Yogurt options & creative drinks like Stylo Milo and Q-Ball.

Are the menu prices at Itea in Singapore reasonable?

Most people agree that the prices on Itea’s menu are fair, especially considering the quality & range of drinks they offer.

Does Itea have any special offers or promotions on their menu?

Itea may offer discounts or special deals on some drinks from time to time. Checking their website or Social media is the best way to find out about their latest deals.

Can I customize my drink at Itea?

Itea may let you change the sweetness, toppings, or extras on Some drinks to suit your tastes.

Are there any options for those with dietary restrictions, such as vegan or gluten-free beverages?

Itea might have some drinks that are good for certain diets, like those that are vegan or gluten-free. To find good options, it’s best to ask the staff or look at the Menu for details about allergens.


Itea in Singapore has a wide selection of tasty bubble tea drinks with many different types to choose from. Even though the costs are usually fair, it’s important to check their Website or call the restaurant to get the most up-to-date information.

Please keep in mind that menu items & prices can change & there may be extra fees for changes or extras. At Itea, you can enjoy a refreshing & fun bubble tea experience with choices that fit your tastes and budget.

Disclaimer: The Menu Prices for Itea in Singapore may vary and are subject to change without notice. Please note that the information provided here is for general reference only. For the most current and accurate menu prices, kindly visit the official Itea website or contact the restaurant directly.


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