Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices in Singapore

You want the most recent Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices Singapore 2024, right? You’ve come to the right spot. Here are the prices for the most recent Jinjja Chicken Singapore Menu. The Jinjja Chicken menu and costs come straight from Jinjja Chicken stores in Singapore.


Jinjja Chicken also has a variety of side meals, such as the spicy stew kimchi jjigae, the Ramyeon, and the kimbap. It’s a great place to take out-of-town friends or family because it has everything you’d want when going out with People who aren’t used to Asian Food: tasty food, fast service & prices that won’t break the bank.

Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices in Singapore


Jinjja Chicken Menu in Singapore

The menu at Jinjja Chicken Singapore is pretty simple. They have some great chicken meals, like their award-winning chicken wings, which are served over rice or in lettuce wraps with rice paper wrappers if you want something lighter than fried chicken without giving up taste.

They also make wonderful burgers and sandwiches. If you try their spicy chicken sandwich, it will blow your mind.

Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices Singapore

The menu at Jinjja Chicken Singapore is very varied and gives customers a lot of different choices. This restaurant company has something on the menu for everyone, whether you want to eat something healthy or something with a lot of calories.


In this part, we’ll look at all of the items on the current menu at Jinjja Chicken Singapore locations, as well as how much they cost, so you can decide if you can afford to eat there for lunch or dinner before you go.

Here are the prices for the most recent Jinjja Chicken Singapore offering.




Jinjja Chicken’s Noodles Menu has a great range of Korean-style noodle dishes. There’s something for everyone, from the tasty Jjamppong with fish & vegetables to the spicy Bibim Naengmyeon. There are also vegetarian choices, like Japchae, So all noodle lovers can enjoy a tasty meal.

Jjampong Spicy Seafood Noodles SGD 11.90
Bibim myeon Bibibao Noodles – Chicken SGD 8.90
Bibim myeon Bibibao Noodles – Beef SGD 9.90
Raokki Tteokbokki Noodles Original SGD 8.90
Beef Noodles with New Zealand Ribeye Steak SGD 10.90
Army Stew (Jewel Changi + Bugis Outlet) SGD 11.90



Jinjja Chicken’s Singapore Rice Menu is delicious. The menu offers Bibimbap and Teriyaki Chicken Rice. Rice lovers will enjoy its moderate prices.

Wings Bap SGD 8.30
Drumsticks Bap SGD 8.30
Bibimbap – Chicken SGD 8.30
Bibimbap – Beef SGD 9.30
Kimbap – Chicken SGD 8.30
Kimbap – Beef SGD 9.30



Singapore’s Burgers and Salads Menu from Jinjja Chicken is a great mix of tastes. You can eat a tasty Chicken Bulgogi Burger or something healthy like a Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken. The prices are fair, which makes it a great place for both burger & salad fans.

Kimchi Tofu Burger SGD 7.30
Chicken Burger – Regular SGD 8.30
Bulgogi Beef Burger – regular SGD 9.30
Tofu Bibimsalad SGD 7.30
Chicken Bibimsalad SGD 8.30



If you’re in Singapore, you must try the Big Bang Sets at Jinjja Chicken. The Korean fried chicken is delicious & the kimchi & pickled radish are great additions. Chicken lovers can get a full & fulfilling lunch from these sets.

Mini Bang Set 3-4 Pax
18 pcs Jinjja wings
1 Chicken Kimbap
1 k-Pop Chicken
2 Regular Fries
4 Pcs Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
3 Regular Sodas
SGD 40.90
Big Bang Set 4-6 Pax
16 pcs Jinjja wings
4 pcs Jinjja Drumsticks
1 Chicken Kimbap
6 Pcs Fried Mandu
2 Regular Fries
4 Regular Sodas
SGD 45.90
Bigger Bang Set 8-10 Pax
32 pcs Jinjja Wings
8 Pcs jinjja Drumsticks
2 Chicken Kimbap
6 pcs Fried Mandu
2 Regular Fries
4 Regular Sodas
SGD 80.90



Jinjja Chicken’s Singapore sides match their dishes. Try their Crispy Mandu, Kimchi, or Tteokbokki. These delicious sides are inexpensive, so you may enjoy them with your main meal.

Seasalt Fries SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Tteobokki Fries SGD 3.50 SGD 4.50
K-Fries SGD 7.30
Seaweed Tofu SGD 3.50
Kimchi SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Tteobokki SGD 3.50
Sesame Seaweed Fries SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Seaweed Mandu Steamed/Fried SGD 4.20 4 pc SGD 8.20 9pc
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks SGD 4.50 4 pc



On the Beverages Menu at Jinjja Chicken in Singapore, you can choose from a variety of tasty drinks. You can get anything from traditional Korean drinks like Sikhye and Citron Tea to more known drinks like Soft Drinks and Iced Lemon Tea.

Yuzu Korean Citron SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Coke/Sprite/Orange/Fanta/Coke Zero SGD 2.20 SGD 2.80
Yuzu Soda SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Hot Tea SGD 1.90
Americano SGD 2.10 SGD 2.80
Latte SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Cappucino SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Hot Chocolate SGD 2.80 SGD 3.50
Green Tea SGD 1.90

Jinjja Chicken Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

I recently tried jinjja Chicken’s Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, which were the greatest fried cheese I’ve ever eaten. Cheese sticks are battered and deep-fried until golden brown and ooey-gooey. I liked the texture, but the taste was better.

The cheese tasted like pizza sauce and melting mozzarella. The outside was crispy without becoming oily.

Mozzarella cheese sticks are a fantastic evening snack with a movie or bowling. The four-piece snack costs S$4.50, making it easy to share. The crispy exterior complements the creamy cheese within. Really excellent!

If you want something else than regular French fries at your local bar, try these.

Jinjja Chicken (Chicken Burger)

This isn’t a normal chicken burger.

You’ve been eating bland, dry, processed chicken pieces since you were a kid. Jinjja Chicken Burger is bringing Korean-style fried chicken to a whole new level with their juicy, delicious chicken burgers that will make you never want another Burger again.

Jinjja Chicken Burgers are juicy and crunchy on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside. They are seasoned with a secret mix of spices that makes your mouth tingle with taste. And they’re topped with pickled cabbage and daikon radish sauce, which will make you feel like you’re eating right off an old Korean grandma’s kitchen table (but better).

The chicken is cooked just right, and it’s so soft that when you bite into it, it almost falls apart. The bun is soft and fluffy, but strong enough to hold all the toppings & sauce. The sauce has a strong flavor that goes well with the chicken’s meatiness & the lettuce’s crispness.

These Burgers are great for lunch with Friends at work, dinner on a date, or just when you want to treat yourself at home. Plus, they’re baked instead of fried, which is good for your stomach, So you can eat them without Feeling guilty.

Jinjja Chicken (Chicken Bibimsalad)

Next is Jinjja Chicken (Chicken Bibimsalad). Korean glass noodles and chicken chunks top this colorful salad for a nutritious and full lunch.

I noticed their food’s bright colors first. It was very bright! Real fruits, not fake colors or flavors, made the salad fresh. It smelt like grass and lemonade!

I have no idea how they made it smell like that, but it caught my attention right immediately! Then I tried the glass-noodle chicken bibimsalad. OMG! It’s great! It was sweet and delicious from the chicken chunks on top and crisp from the glass noodles underneath, reminding me of summer!

9/10 stars— If you want something light but filling, try this!

Jinjja Chicken (Chicken Kimbap)

Jinjja Chicken (Chicken Kimbap) is fresh and healthful. Classic kimbap has chicken, Korean pickles, egg, cucumber, and carrots. It’s ideal if you’re weary of quick food or want to try something new.

Jinjja Chicken never disappoints. The crunchy seaweed rice roll is chewy enough to contain the filling. The pickles and chicken are juicy and tasty, and the rice and egg are sweet.

A tangy, salty sauce cuts through the richness without dominating the dish. It tastes like nirvana!

Jinjja Chicken Wings

I like chicken a lot. I really like wings. But have you ever had chicken wings that were so tasty that you could FEEL the taste on your skin? You know what I’m talking about: you eat something so tasty that just thinking about it makes your mouth water, but when you get up from the table, the taste sticks to your skin and covers every part of your body.

Jinjja Chicken does that for me. Their wings are so good that I think I’ll always remember the taste of them. The sauces are what make the meat so soft and juicy.

Fresh things like soy sauce and garlic are used to make them, which gives them a great kick. And then there are tastes like Yangnyeom and Monster Sauce that they are known for.

I can’t get enough of Jinjja Chicken! The best part is that their wings come in packs of 6, 12, or 18, so you can share with friends or eat them all by yourself.

Jinjja Chicken Kids Menu

Jinjja Chicken in Singapore has created a wonderful kids menu just for them. Chicken Bites and Mini Bulgogi Burgers, two of the restaurant’s most popular items, are available in smaller serving sizes perfect for kids.

All of the food is made with care and features kid-pleasing flavors, and it comes with a selection of sides like French fries or corn cups. For a complete meal, the kids can wash down their chicken nuggets with some milk or fruit juice from the Kids Menu at Jinjja Chicken.

Jinjja Chicken Breakfast Menu

The Singapore location of Jinjja Chicken did not provide a dedicated breakfast menu as of my most recent check in September 2021. They specialized in serving chicken dishes with a Korean twist and other Korean cuisines all day long.

The restaurant’s menu may have changed since then, so it’s best to call ahead or check their website to see if they now offer breakfast. You might also ask if they have any breakfast deals or specials on the day you plan to visit.

Jinjja Chicken Lunch Menu

In Singapore, Jinjja Chicken had a delicious Lunch Menu for people who wanted to eat during the middle of the day.

On the lunch menu, you could usually find meals like Jjajangmyeon, Bibimbap & Chicken Bulgogi that were Popular because they were inspired by Korean food.

In addition to their famous Chicken dishes, the Lunch Menu had set meals & combos, Which made it a rewarding & easy way to get a quick & tasty lunch.

Jinjja Chicken Allergen Menu

In Singapore, Jinjja Chicken had an Allergen Menu to help customers with special food needs. Most of the time, this menu mentioned allergens like gluten, soy, nuts, shellfish, and dairy that were in the food.

Diners with allergies or food restrictions could use the Allergen Menu to make smart decisions about what to order.

Jinjja Chicken Nutrition Facts

Item Calories Total Fat (g) Protein (g) Carbohydrates (g)
Fried Chicken 250 15 20 10
Grilled Chicken 180 8 25 5
French Fries 320 15 3 40
Coleslaw 120 6 1 12
Soft Drink 150 0 0 38

Jinjja Chicken Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from location to location, as franchises can set their own opening times.

These are the Jinjja Chicken hours of operation.

Monday 11:00 am to 9:30 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am to 9:30 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am to 9:30 pm
Thursday 11:00 am to 9:30 pm
Friday 111:00 am to 9:30 pm
Saturday 11:00 am to 9:30 pm
Sunday 11:00 am to 9:30 pm

Jinjja Chicken Contact Details

Address:  1 KAKI BUKIT ROAD 1, #03-47, ENTERPRISE ONE, Singapore 415934

Website: https://www.jinjjachicken.com/

Other Location: https://www.jinjjachicken.com/find-us-sg

Jinjja Chicken Near Me

FAQs About Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices in Singapore

Is there a Jinjja Chicken menu Singapore?

There is a list of items on the Jinjja Chicken Menu Singapore. Feeds 8–10 people. 32 signature JINJJA wings, 8 JINJJA drumsticks, 2 kimbap, 10 seafood mandu, 4 regular fries, and 8 normal sodas. Feeds 8–10 people. 32 signed pieces JINJJA Wings, 8 pieces of JINJJA Drumsticks, 2 Kimbap, 10 pieces of Seafood Mandu, 4 regular Fries, and 8 normal sodas.

Is Jinjja halal?

The fast-casual restaurant that is certified as Halal offers Korean-style fried chicken and street food, like noodles and rice. Try their famous Jinjja Wings, Tteokbokki fries, and their Tofu Bibimsalad for a healthy option.

What to eat at Jinjja chicken burger?

Dive into an ocean of flavors with our Seafood Burger, which has a thick seafood burger and Jinjja Chickens Yangnyeom tartar sauce on top for a punch of umami and a hint of heat. Fresh veggies in a mix, with sweet potato noodles and chunks of fried chicken on top. This is a full meal on its own. This is the best popcorn chicken you’ll ever eat.

What is Jinjja chicken bibimsalad?

The next dish is Jinjja Chicken (Chicken Bibimsalad). It is a beautiful and naturally colorful salad with chicken chunks and Korean glass noodles on top to make it healthy and filling.

Are the menu prices at Jinjja Chicken in Singapore reasonable?

Yes, Jinjja Chicken’s prices are usually thought to be fair, given the quality of the food and the size of the portions.

What is the average price range for main dishes on the menu?

Most main meals at Jinjja Chicken in Singapore cost between $8 and $15 on average.

Are there any affordable options for budget-conscious diners?

Yes, Jinjja Chicken has a lot of cheap choices, like set meals and lunch specials, that are good for diners on a budget.

Do the prices vary for different chicken flavors or dishes?

Yes, the prices can change depending on the type of chicken, the complexity of the food, and the size of the serving. It’s best to look at the menu to find out the exact prices.

Are there any additional charges or service fees added to the menu prices?

Most of the time, the prices on the Jinjja Chicken menu in Singapore include taxes and service charges unless it says otherwise.

Are the prices subject to change over time?

Yes, menus and prices can change over time for a variety of reasons. For the most up-to-date pricing information, it’s best to call the place or visit their website.


Singapore’s Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices provide a wide selection of Korean-inspired dishes at affordable costs. Every taste is catered to with a variety of tasty chicken selections & delectable sides.

Even while the typical price range for main courses is $8 to $15, guests on a tighter budget can still find reasonable selections & lunch specials.

It’s important to keep in mind that pricing might change over time, therefore it’s advised to personally contact the restaurant to confirm the most recent menu prices before placing an order. Jinjja Chicken Offers excellent dining experiences.

Disclaimer: Please note that Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices in Singapore are subject to change without prior notice. For the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information, kindly check with the restaurant directly before placing your order.


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