Kaiyo Sushi & Grill Menu Prices in Singapore

Kaiyo Sushi & Grill is a Japanese restaurant in Singapore that offers island-wide delivery and table reservations.


They have an extensive menu that includes Sushi Platter Sets, Sashimi Platter Sets, Nigiri Sushi, Chirashi and seiro, Chef’s Special Maki Rolls, Robata Grill, Seafood, Foie Gras, Tempura and agemono, Starters, Soups and salad, Rice & Noodles.

Kaiyo Sushi & Grill Menu

Best Food on Kaiyo Sushi & Grill Menu

Some of the best dishes on their menu include:

  • Gump Roll: A highly praised sushi roll with a unique combination of flavors and textures
  • Steamed Ginger Pork Dumplings: A delicious appetizer that combines the flavors of ginger and pork in a steamed dumpling format
  • Wood-Fire Grilled Cuisine: Kaiyo’s signature dish, offering a delicate balance of hot and cold flavors

Kaiyo Sushi & Grill Menu with Prices

Here are the thirteen categories in the full menu with Kaiyo Sushi & Grill: Sushi Party Sets, Sashimi Party Sets, Sashimi, Nigiri Sushi, Chirashi & Seiro, Robata Grill, Seafood, Foie Gras, Chef’s Special Maki Rolls, Tempura & Agemono, Starters, Soups & Salad, Rice & Noodles, and Sake.

Sushi Party Sets

Sushi Party Sets
Menu ItemsPrices
Sushi Platter Set AS$98.00
Sushi Platter Set BS$108.00
Sushi & Maki Set CS$62.00

Sashimi Party Sets

Sashimi Platter Set AS$128.00
Sashimi Platter Set BS$178.00


Kaiyo Assorted SashimiS$49.50
Premium Assorted SashimiS$68.20
Chutoro Sashimi (5 slices)S$64.90
Ootoro Sashimi (5 slices)S$75.90
Hamachi Sashimi (5 slices)S$20.90
Maguro Sashimi (5 slices)S$16.50
Shima-aji Sashimi (5 slices)S$20.90
Kanpachi Sashimi (5 slices)S$26.40
Mekajiki Sashimi (5 slices)S$19.80
Madai Sashimi (5 slices)S$19.80
Salmon Sashimi (5 slices)S$15.40
Hirame Sashimi (5 slices)S$25.30
Salmon Belly Sashimi (5 slices)S$17.60
Ikura SashimiS$30.80
Tako Sashimi (5 slices)S$9.90
Ika Sashimi (5 slices)S$7.70
Amaebi Sashimi (5 slices)S$14.30
Uni SashimiS$44.00
Hotate Sashimi (5 slices)S$17.80

Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri Sushi
Kaiyo Sushi SetS$26.40
Premium Sushi SetS$36.30
Chutoro Sushi (2 pcs)S$25.30
Ootoro Sushi (2 pcs)S$31.90
Maguro Sushi (2 pcs)S$6.80
Kanpachi Sushi (2 pcs)S$9.90
Hamachi Sushi (2 pcs)S$9.90
Shima-aji Sushi (2 pcs)S$11.00
Madai Sushi (2 pcs)S$8.80
Mekajiki Sushi (2 pcs)S$8.80
Hirame Sushi (2 pcs)S$11.00
Salmon Sushi (2 pcs)S$6.60
Salmon Belly Sushi (2 pcs)S$8.80
Ikura Sushi (2 pcs)S$19.80
Tako Sushi (2 pcs)S$4.40
Ika Sushi (2 pcs)S$5.50
Amaebi Sushi (2 pcs)S$6.60
Uni Sushi (2 pcs)S$30.80
Tamago Sushi (2 pcs)S$8.80
Hotate Sushi (2 pcs)S$4.40

Chirashi & Seiro

Chirashi & Seiro
Kaiyo ChirashiS$30.80
Premium ChirashiS$41.80
Bara Chirashi DonS$25.30
Salmon & Ikura DonS$30.80
Wakatori Seiro SetS$23.10
Tempura Seiro SetS$26.40
Unagi Seiro SetS$31.90
Beef Seiro SetS$31.90
Iberico Pork Seiro SetS$29.70
Salmon Seiro SetS$27.50
Pork Belly Seiro SetS$25.50

Chef’s Special Maki Rolls

Kaiyo California RollS$19.80
Ebi Ten RollS$18.70
Spicy Spider RollS$20.90
Spicy Salmon Ikura Mentai RollS$24.20
Unagi Foie Gras RollS$26.40
Tamago MakiS$3.30

Robata Grill

Robata Grill
Tori KawaS$4.50
Uzura TamagoS$6.60
Yaki KabochaS$6.60
Yaki OnigiriS$4.40
Yaki NasuS$4.40
Yaki Onigiri MentaiS$6.60
Enoki BaconS$7.70
Iberico Pork Collar with Yuzu MisoS$23.10
Garlic Butter Pork ChopS$19.80
Pork Chop MentaiyakiS$20.40


Hamachi Kama ShioyakiS$26.40
Hamachi Kabuto ShioyakiS$44.00
Kanpachi Kama ShioyakiS$23.10
Kanpachi Kabuto ShioyakiS$31.90
Shima-aji Kabuto ShioyakiS$16.50
Madai Kabuto ShioyakiS$9.90
Salmon Kabuto ShioyakiS$9.90
Surume IkaS$23.10
Ika NankotsuS$5.50
Hotate KushiyakiS$17.80
Unagi KabayakiS$19.80
Sake HarasuS$13.20
Salmon OyakoS$24.20
Sake TeriyakiS$19.80
Sake ShioyakiS$19.80
Saba ShioyakiS$10.50
Sanma ShioyakiS$10.50

Foie Gras

Foie Gras
Foie Gras Teriyaki & UnagiS$33.00
Foie Gras Kushi TeriyakiS$15.40
Beef Foie Gras Mille-feuilleS$38.50

Tempura & Agemono

Tempura MoriawaseS$22.00
Ebi TempuraS$17.60
Yasai TempuraS$9.40
Karei KaraageS$20.90
Soft Shelled Crab TempuraS$20.90
Kaki FriedS$17.50
Agedashi TofuS$5.50
Tori KaraageS$12.10
Beef TeriyakiS$21.50

Starters, Soups & Salad

Wakame Kyuri SuS$5.50
Kawa Ebi KaraageS$11.00
Tako WasabiS$12.10
Tako Su MisoS$12.10
Tatami IwashiS$15.40
Crispy Salmon SkinS$9.90
Maguro Zuke SaladS$14.50
Kaiyo Sashimi SaladS$22.00
Salmon Avocado SaladS$18.70
Iceplant Salmon Avocado SaladS$24.20
Just SaladS$9.90
Chawanmushi IkuraS$9.90
Seafood Miso ShiruS$13.20
Miso ShiruS$3.50

Rice & Noodles

Rice & Noodles
Tempura SobaFrom S$22.00
Tempura UdonFrom S$22.00
Tempura Ume SobaFrom S$24.20
Beef Teriyaki SobaFrom S$22.00
Beef Teriyaki UdonFrom S$22.00
Inaniwa UdonFrom S$11.00
Cha SobaFrom S$9.80
Ume SobaFrom S$12.00
Rice SetS$5.50


Yoshikubo Ippin Junmai Daiginjyo (720ml)S$84.00
Nanbubijin Junmai Daiginjo Sake-Mirai (720ml)S$89.00
Tamagawa Honjozo (720ml)S$79.00
Kitagawa Tomioh Gin No Tsukasa Junmai Daiginjyo (720ml)S$80.00
Born Junsui Junmai Daiginjyo Namachozoshu (300ml)S$35.00
Kitagawa Tomioh Ginrei Junmai Dai Ginjyo (300ml)S$26.00
Koshinokanchubai Ginjyo Namachozo (300ml)S$28.00
Hakushika Junmai Ginjyo (300ml)S$25.00
Kitaya Daiginjyo Ginnohitomi (300ml)S$33.00
Hakushika Chokarakuchi (300ml)S$24.00
Yoshikubo Ippin Junmai Daigingyo (300ml)S$34.00
Hasegawa Echigo Sekkobai FutsusuFrom S$34.00

Kaiyo Sushi and Grill Review

There are two restaurants named Kaiyo Sushi and Grill. One is located in Okemos, Michigan, and the other is in Islamorada, Florida.

Islamorada’s Kaiyo Grill & Sushi Bar is reeling in rave reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp, with diners hooked on the menu’s diverse and delectable offerings.


The restaurant offers a fusion of East and West cuisine, with sushi rolls that combine local ingredients with traditional Japanese tastes.

The menu also includes vegetarian options. The Kaiyo Grill & Sushi Bar in Islamorada has been a popular spot for locals and visitors since 2002.

Kaiyo Sushi & Grill

Address: Singapore: 112 Yio Chu Kang Road, S545580


Phone Number: +65 8668 2181


I hope this menu has tantalized your taste buds Kaiyo Sushi & Grill offers a vibrant adventure for every palate. So gather your friends, grab your chopsticks, and get ready to discover a world of flavors unlike any other.

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Disclaimer: Kaiyo Sushi & Grill Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2024 may be subject to change without prior notice. For the latest restaurant information before you dine, call them directly or head to their official website.


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