Mcdonald’s Menu Prices in Singapore

Mcdonald’s Menu Prices in Singapore – A subject that both people and tourists are interested in. McDonald’s is known as a world fast-food giant, so it has a wide range of options on McDonald’s Menu to suit different tastes and preferences.


In this piece, we’ll learn about Singapore’s McDonald’s and find out how much their food costs. Whether you want a classic Big Mac, a tasty McSpicy, or a cool McFlurry, knowing the McDonald’s Prices on the menu can help you plan your next trip to McDonald’s in Singapore better.

Mcdonald's Menu Prices in Singapore


Mcdonald’s Menu Price Singapore

McDonald’s holds a prominent position among the most well-known fast-food restaurants in Singapore.

People appreciate this establishment for various reasons, with the quality of the food likely ranking at the top of the list. On the menu, you can get burgers, fries, soup & chicken bits, among other things.

However, one might wonder about the typical prices for these items. How much do they generally cost at McDonald’s in Singapore? Let’s delve into the average pricing for these delectable offerings.


We made this list so you can find out how much each thing at McDonald’s Singapore Menu costs. We hope this list will help you if you’re going to McDonald’s soon.

Mcdonald’s Menu with Prices in Singapore

Singapore’s McDonald’s menu has a lot of different things to choose from to meet different tastes.

McDonald’s in Singapore has something for everyone, from classics like the Big Mac and McChicken to tasty sides like French Fries and sweets like the McFlurry.


Below is the McDonald’s menu with prices in Singapore.

McDonald Popular Menu

McDonald Popular Menu

People all over the world love McDonald’s most popular food items. Some of the most popular items are the famous Big Mac, the tasty McChicken, the delicious Filet-O-Fish & the hot McSpicy.

Customers can also get standard Cheeseburgers, crispy French Fries, and tasty McFlurry desserts.

McDonald’s has a wide range of food options to meet everyone’s tastes & needs. This makes sure that everyone has a good time there.

Menu Items Price
McSpicy® Meal S$8.65
Chicken McNuggets® (9pc) S$6.95
Double Cheeseburger Meal S$7.20
Double Cheeseburger S$5.55
Apple Pie S$2.10
Hot Fudge Sundae S$2.65

McDonald Promotion

McDonald Promotion

McDonald’s often has deals to attract customers and make their meals more worthwhile.

Some of these promotions are limited-time deals, meal packages, savings on certain menu items, or seasonal specials.

McDonald’s promotions try to attract customers with low prices, new menu items, or special deals.

This makes eating at McDonald’s even more appealing & cheap for people who want to eat their favorite fast-food treats.

Menu Items Price
Chicken McCrispy® (2pc) Sweet Paprika Special S$11.40
2xValue: McCrispySweetP (2pc) EVM + McSpicy EVM S$18.35
Chicken McCrispy® (6pc) Sweet Paprika Bundle S$22.75
Chicken McCrispy® (2pc) Sweet Paprika Meal S$9.70
Calamansi McFizz® S$3.85
Crisscut® Fries (L) S$5.20
Crisscut® Fries (M) S$4.90
Apple Custard Pie S$2.40
Lotus Biscoff® McFlurry® S$4.00

McDonald Sharing

McDonald Sharing

With its sharing choices, McDonald’s encourages people to work together and share.

Sharing meals like the “Family Bundle” or “Share Box” let customers try a lot of different things at once. Most of the time, these choices include burgers, fries, drinks, and nuggets.

This makes it possible for parties or families to enjoy a McDonald’s lunch while bonding and having fun.

Menu Items Price
2xValue: McCrispySweetP (2pc) EVM + McSpicy EVM S$18.35
Chicken McCrispy® (6pc) Sweet Paprika Bundle S$22.75
Chicken McCrispy® (6pc) Spicy Bundle S$22.75
Chicken McNuggets® (20pc) S$13.85
Chicken McCrispy® (6pc) Spicy S$19.30
Happy Sharing Box A Chicken McNuggets® (12pc) + McWings® (8pc) S$15.40
Happy Sharing Box B Chicken McNuggets® (6pc) + McWings® (4pc) S$9.30

McDonald’s Upsized Value Meals

McDonald's Upsized Value Meals

Upsized Value Meals are available at McDonald’s. Customers can choose to upgrade their food to get a bigger portion and more value.

Customers can get a bigger amount of their favorite burger, bigger fries, and a drink if they choose a “Upsized Value Meal.”

This lets people eat a more filling meal to satisfy their hunger while still enjoying the ease and low cost of McDonald’s value meals.

Menu Items Price
Chk McCrispy® (2pc) Sweet Paprika Upsized Meal S$10.70
Dbl Quarter Pounder® with Cheese Upsized Meal S$11.95
Quarter Pounder® with Cheese Upsized Meal S$10.35
Big Mac® Upsized Meal S$10.65
Double Cheeseburger Upsized Meal S$8.20
Chicken McCrispy® (2pc) Spicy Upsized Meal S$10.70
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Upsized Meal S$11.30
Double McSpicy® Upsized Meal S$11.40
McSpicy® Upsized Meal S$9.65
McChicken® Upsized Meal S$7.90
Double Filet-O-Fish® Upsized Meal S$10.70
Filet-O-Fish® Upsized Meal S$8.10
McNuggets® (9pc) Upsized Meal S$10.10
McNuggets® (6pc) Upsized Meal S$9.00
McWings® (4pc) Upsized Meal S$8.90

McDonald Value Meals

McDonald Value Meals

Value Meals from McDonald’s are a popular choice for people who want a filling meal at a good price.

Most of the time, these meals come with a burger, a side of fries & a drink, making them full & easy to eat.

McDonald’s bargain meals satisfy a variety of tastes and appetites with different burgers, fries, and drinks. They are also a good deal for the money.

Menu Items Price
Chicken McCrispy® (2pc) Sweet Paprika Meal S$9.70
Chicken McCrispy® (2pc) Spicy Extra Value Meal S$9.70
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Meal S$10.30
Quarter Pounder w Cheese™ Meal S$9.35
Dbl Quarter Pounder w Cheese™ Meal S$10.95
Double McSpicy® Meal S$10.40
McSpicy® Meal S$8.65
Double Filet-O-Fish® Meal S$9.70
Filet-O-Fish® Meal S$7.10
McNuggets® (9pc) Meal S$9.10
McNuggets® (6pc) Meal S$8.00
Big Mac® Meal S$9.65
Double Cheeseburger™ Meal S$7.20
McWings® (4pc) Meal S$7.90
McChicken® Meal S$6.90
Grilled Chicken McWrap® Meal S$8.95

McDonald’s For the Family

McDonald's For the Family

McDonald’s is a family-friendly restaurant with Menu items that the whole family will enjoy.

They offer a wide range of options on their menu, including kid’s meals, happy meals & family packages.

Families can eat together conveniently and enjoyably by ordering their preferred burgers, fries, and desserts.

McDonald’s wants to provide a warm atmosphere where families can congregate, enjoy a meal together, and make enduring memories.

Menu Items Price
Family Meal: McSpicy + FOF EVM + ChB HM S$21.20
Family Meal: McSpicy + FOF EVM + McNug HM S$21.20
Cheeseburger Happy Meal® S$5.45
Chicken McNuggets® (4pc) Happy Meal® S$5.45

McDonald Ala Carte 

McDonald Ala Carte 

Customers can select specific things from McDonald’s large à la carte menu based on their tastes.

Customers can tailor their order to satisfy their cravings by choosing from classic burgers like the Big Mac and Cheeseburger & scrumptious sides like French Fries & Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald’s à la carte menu lets customers pick their own drinks, desserts, and other products.

Menu Items Price
Chicken McCrispy® (2pc) Sweet Paprika S$7.60
Chicken McCrispy® (6pc) Sweet Paprika S$19.30
Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese S$8.90
Quarter Pounder® with Cheese S$7.30
Chicken McCrispy® (6pc) Spicy S$19.30
Chicken McCrispy® (2pc) Spicy S$7.60
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken S$8.80
Double McSpicy® S$8.80
McSpicy® S$7.25
Double Filet-O-Fish® S$8.00
Filet-O-Fish® S$6.05
9pc Chicken McNuggets® S$6.95
6pc Chicken McNuggets® S$6.15
Big Mac® S$7.25
Double Cheeseburger™ S$5.55
Cheeseburger S$3.90
McChicken® S$5.25
Grilled Chicken McWrap® S$6.85
Hamburger S$3.00

McDonald Sides

McDonald Sides

McDonald’s provides a wide selection of delectable sides to go with its entrees. Customers can have crispy and golden French fries, one of the basic favorites.

Also available at McDonald’s are healthy options like Apple Slices and delectable snacks like Mozzarella Sticks.

These sides give consumers more ways to customize their meals and sate their cravings, guaranteeing a satisfying McDonald’s dining experience.

Menu Items Price
Apple Custard Pie S$2.40
Crisscut® Fries (L) S$5.20
Crisscut® Fries (M) S$4.90
9pc Chicken McNuggets® S$6.95
20pc Chicken McNuggets® S$13.85
6pc Chicken McNuggets® S$6.15
Small French Fries™ S$2.60
Medium French Fries™ S$4.15
Large French Fries™ S$4.45
McWings® (4pc) S$6.35
Apple Slices S$2.10
Apple Pie S$2.10
Corn Cup (5oz) S$2.10
McWings® (2pc) S$3.35

McDonald Desserts

McDonald Desserts

McDonald’s provides a variety of delectable desserts in Singapore to sate your sweet tooth.

Customers can treat themselves to well-known Sweets like the McFlurry, which combines soft-serve ice cream with a variety of toppings like Oreo or M&Ms.

For those looking for warm and comforting treats, the Apple Pie and Hot Fudge Sundae are also popular options. Singapore’s McDonald’s desserts are a pleasant addition to any meal or a rewarding treat all by themselves.

Menu Items Price
Lotus Biscoff® McFlurry® S$4.00
OREO® McFlurry® S$3.55
Mudpie McFlurry® S$3.95
Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry® S$3.95
Hot Fudge Sundae S$2.65
Strawberry Sundae S$2.65

McDonald Drinks

McDonald Drinks

In Singapore, McDonald’s offers a tasty selection of drinks to quench your thirst. Customers have a variety of carbonated beverage alternatives to pick from, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and Iced Milo.

For those who prefer a warm drink, hot options including coffee and tea are also offered.

McDonald’s offers bottled waters and McFizz, fruit-flavored effervescent drinks.

McDonald’s drinks in Singapore are available in a variety of flavors and make a cool addition to your meal.

Menu Items Price
Calamansi McFizz® S$3.85
Mocha Frappe Small S$4.75
Mocha Frappe Medium S$5.30
Caramel Frappe Small S$4.75
Caramel Frappe Medium S$5.30
Mocha Frappe With Oreo® Small S$5.25
Mocha Frappe With Oreo® Medium S$5.80
Caramel Frappe With Oreo® Small S$5.25
Caramel Frappe With Oreo® Medium S$5.80
Iced Milo® Small S$4.00
Iced Milo® Medium S$4.20
Jasmine Green Tea Small S$4.00
Jasmine Green Tea Medium S$4.15
Iced Lemon Tea Small S$4.00
Iced Lemon Tea Medium S$4.15
Iced Lemon Tea Large S$4.35
McCafé Cappuccino S$4.45
McCafé Latte S$4.45
McCafé Iced Latte S$4.65
McCafé Premium Roast Coffee Black S$3.15
McCafé Premium Roast Coffee with Milk S$3.15
Pure Orange Juice Small S$4.15
Low-fat, High-Calcium Milk S$3.00
Tea Black S$3.15
Tea with Milk S$3.15
Hot Milo® S$3.30
Coke® Original Taste Less Sugar Small S$3.15
Coke® Original Taste Less Sugar Medium S$3.55
Coke® Original Taste Less Sugar Large S$4.00
Coke® Zero Sugar Small S$3.15
Coke® Zero Sugar Medium S$3.55
Coke® Zero Sugar Large S$4.00
Sprite® Small S$3.15
Sprite® Medium S$3.55
Sprite® Large S$4.00
Dasani® S$2.90

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s Singapore has a delicious breakfast menu to help you start your day off right. The Egg McMuffin contains a toasted English muffin, a freshly cracked egg, flavorful bacon, and melty cheese.

They are fluffy pancakes that are golden brown and come with butter and maple syrup. The Sausage McMuffin with Egg is another hearty choice.

It has a tasty sausage patty, a freshly cracked egg, and melted cheese on a toasted English muffin. Sausage McGriddles are unique. They have a tasty sausage patty in the middle of two sweet griddle cakes.

With these choices and drinks like coffee, tea, orange juice, and iced Milo, Singaporeans can have a satisfying and tasty breakfast at McDonald’s.

Mcdonald’s Lunch Menu

The lunch menu at McDonald’s in Singapore has a lot of tempting choices to fill your midday hunger. The Big Mac is a favorite, with two beef burgers, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions between two sesame seed buns.

The McChicken is a crispy treat for people who like chicken. It comes with lettuce and sauce on a sesame seed bun. If you’d rather eat fish, the Filet-O-Fish has a tender fish piece on a soft bun with tartar sauce and melted cheese.

The McSpicy is a good choice for people who like hot food. It has a spicy chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise. This makes McDonald’s Singapore lunch menu a satisfying and varied place to eat.

Mcdonald’s Dinner Menu

Singapore McDonald’s has many great meal options. The famous Big Mac is the star of the show. Two excellent beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles & onions in a sesame seed bun.

The McChicken is a crispy chicken burger on a sesame seed bun with lettuce and mayonnaise for chicken lovers. The Filet-O-Fish is a delicious fillet of fish served on a soft, steamed bun with tartar sauce & melted cheese.

The McSpicy adds a spicy choice with its spicy chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise. On the Menu, You can order a standard Cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets, French Fries, salads & refreshing drinks.

This mix makes sure that the dinner menu at McDonald’s in Singapore is fun and full of different options.

Mcdonald’s Allergen Menu

McDonald’s Singapore has an allergy menu for customers who need to avoid certain foods. This extensive Menu lists allergens such as milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, seafood & shellfish.

By looking at the allergen menu, customers can make informed decisions and choose options that fit their dietary needs or allergies. This makes sure that eating at McDonald’s in Singapore is safe and fun.

Mcdonald’s Nutrition Information

Below is a table summarizing the approximate nutrition information for select menu items from McDonald’s Singapore:

Menu Item Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sodium (mg)
Big Mac 530 25 27 45 960
McChicken 410 15 22 38 700
Filet-O-Fish 390 15 19 38 590
McSpicy 500 21 26 49 970
Cheeseburger 300 15 12 32 680
Chicken McNuggets (6) 250 9 15 15 540
French Fries (Medium) 340 4 16 44 220
McFlurry (Oreo) 430 8 14 68 240

McDonalds Location

McDonalds Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from location to location, as franchises can set their own opening times.

These are the typical McDonald’s hours of operation.

Monday 05:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday 05:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday 05:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday 05:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday 05:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday 05:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday 05:30 AM – 11:00 PM

McDonalds Contact Details

Address: 22 Bong Keng Road, #01 – 01 Singapore

Contact Number: +65 6777 3777



In conclusion, McDonald’s in Singapore offers a diverse menu with something for everyone, from iconic burgers like the Big Mac to delicious McChicken and Filet-O-Fish options.

The menu also includes affordable choices like Cheeseburger and Chicken McNuggets, catering to different tastes and budgets. Sides like French Fries and sweet treats like McFlurry (Oreo) add to the dining experience.

However, menu prices may vary, so it’s best to check the latest prices at McDonald’s official sources or the local restaurant before ordering.

FAQs About Mcdonald’s Menu Prices in Singapore

Why does McDonald’s have a small menu?

McDonald’s maintains a small menu for efficiency, consistency, and faster service. Focusing on signature items allows for streamlined operations and ensures consistent quality, making it easier for customers to make choices and promoting brand familiarity.

Does McDonald’s menu alter at 12 a.m.?

Yes, McDonald’s menu typically changes at 12 a.m. The restaurant transitions from its late-night menu to its breakfast menu, offering a different selection of items suitable for the early morning hours. The specific menu items available at this time may vary based on the location and local operating hours of each McDonald’s restaurant.

What time does breakfast at McDonald’s start?

Most of the time, breakfast at McDonald’s Starts at 5:00 AM. But the exact start time might be a little different based on where McDonald’s is and what hours it is open. It’s always a good idea to call McDonald’s Near you to find out when they serve breakfast.

What are the most popular things on the Singapore McDonald’s menu?

At McDonald’s in Singapore, the Big Mac, the McChicken, the Filet-O-Fish & the McSpicy are all well-liked Menu items.

Is there anything on McDonald’s menu in Singapore that vegetarians can eat?

McDonald’s does have options for vegetarians, like the Veggie Crunch Burger and the Veggie McSpicy.

Is there a kids’ menu at McDonald’s in Singapore?

Yes, McDonald’s Singapore has a Happy Meal for kids that comes with a main dish, a side dish, a drink, and a toy.

Is there anything on the McDonald’s menu in Singapore that is healthier?

Yes, McDonald’s has lighter options, such as soups, the Grilled Chicken McWrap & the Filet-O-Fish.

How much do Singapore’s McDonald’s Extra Value Meals cost?

Depending on the food, McDonald’s Extra Value Meals in Singapore cost between $6 and $9.

Does Singapore’s McDonald’s offer delivery?

Yes, McDonald’s offers delivery services through different methods to make things easier for customers.

Can people in Singapore change what they order at McDonald’s?

Yes, customers can make their meals unique by asking for certain ingredients or leaving out some things.

Does every McDonald’s in Singapore charge the same prices for their meals?

Menu prices may be a little different at different McDonald’s locations in Singapore because of things that are unique to each place.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided about McDonald’s menu prices in Singapore is based on approximate values and is subject to change without notice. Prices may vary depending on the location and promotions offered.

For the most current and accurate menu prices, please refer to McDonald’s official website or visit the nearest McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented and are not liable for any discrepancies or changes in pricing.


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