Saizeriya Menu Prices in Singapore

Welcome to Saizeriya, a restaurant in the heart of Singapore with tasty Italian food and low prices. The Saizeriya Menu Prices in Singapore offer a wide range of tasty meals that won’t break the bank and please a wide range of tastes.


Salads, sautéed veggies, soups, focaccia, pizza, and appetizers are all on the price list for Saizeriya’s Menu. They also have different menus for kids and lunch. On the menu, you can even order beer & wine. All of the food costs less than $20.

Saizeriya Menu Prices in Singapore


Before you go, I’ll give you information about the Saizeriya Menu Prices, business information, how to get in touch with them, and how healthy their food is. First, a quick history.

Saizeriya was started in Singapore in the year 2008. At the moment, they have more than 29 restaurants and their main office is in Singapore. People love to go to Saizeriya because they serve the best Italian food made with the spices and tastes that are typical of Italy.

Saizeriya Menu Singapore

Saizeriya is a group of popular Italian restaurants in Singapore that is known for its cheap and tasty food. Their extensive menu includes pasta, pizza, risotto, and appetizers to satisfy many tastes.


Even though Saizeriya has delicious flavors and high-quality products, it keeps its prices low, making it a top choice for people who want to eat somewhere that is good for their money.

The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere and courteous personnel make it enjoyable. Whether you live in the area or are just visiting, Saizeriya is a good place to eat Italian food without breaking the bank.

Saizeriya Menu Prices Singapore

Saizeriya in Singapore has a long list of Italian meals, such as pasta, pizza, and risotto, to suit different tastes. Locals and tourists frequent the eatery because of its low prices.


At Saizeriya, you can eat delicious Italian food without breaking the bank.

Saizeriya Appetizers Menu

Saizeriya Appetizers Menu

Saizeriya has a range of delicious appetizers that go well with its Italian food. On the snacks menu, you can order things like bruschetta, garlic bread, calamari rings, and more that sound delicious.

These delectable appetizers prepare your stomach for the main course.

Whether you’re eating alone or with a group, the starters on Saizeriya’s menu are a great choice to try and share, making your Italian meal in Singapore even better.

Chicken Wings 5 Pcs S$ 4.90
Chicken Wings 8 Pcs S$ 7.90
Beddar Cheddar Sausage S$ 4.50
Crispy Chicken S$ 4.50
Creamy Spinach Potato S$ 3.90
Butter Corn S$ 2.90
Sautéed Spinach with Bacon S$ 2.90
Sautéed Broccoli S$ 2.90
Oven Grilled Escargots S$ 5.90
Tomoato Mussel Broccoli S$ 4.90
Baked Clams S$ 3.90
Smoked Salmon S$ 4.50
Italian Omelette S$ 3.90

Saizeriya Salad Menu

Saizeriya Salad Menu

Saizeriya has a healthy salad menu that is both delicious and good for you. On Saizeriya’s salad menu, you can choose from fresh and tasty options like Caesar salad, garden salad, and more.

These salads are crafted with fresh veggies and flavorful dressings for a lighter, healthier meal. The salads on Saizeriya’s menu are a great addition to your Italian meal, whether they are a side item or the main course.

Chef Salad S$ 4.50
Egg Salad S$ 4.90
Walnut Salad S$ 4.90
Salmon Salad S$ 5.90

Saizeriya Soups Menu

Saizeriya Soups Menu

Saizeriya has a great menu full of delicious soups. On the soups menu, you can choose from warm dishes like minestrone, potato and bacon, and more.

These rich, flavorful soups make a comforting supper. Whether you want a light appetizer or a dish to warm your soul, the soups on Saizeriya’s menu in Singapore are a comfortable addition to your Italian meal.

Mushroom Soup S$ 2.90
Corn Cream Soup S$ 2.90
Pumpkin Soup S$ 2.90
Garlic Focaccia S$ 2.30
Original Focaccia S$ 2.00
Italian Herb Focaccia S$ 2.50

Saizeriya Pizza Menu

Saizeriya Pizza Menu

Saizeriya’s pizza menu has a wide range of delicious Italian pizzas for pizza lovers. On the pizza menu, there are many different kinds, from the simple Margherita to the more complicated BBQ Chicken, Seafood Delight, and Vegetarian Supreme.

Pizzas from Saizeriya are made with high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection, so they have a great mix of tastes and textures. The pizza menu at Saizeriya in Singapore has something for everyone, whether you want a standard pizza or something a little different.

Pineapple & Bacon Pizza S$ 6.90
Creamy Corn Pizza S$ 7.90
Salmon Spinach Pizza S$ 7.90
Pepperoni Pizza S$ 7.90
BBQ Chicken Pizza S$ 7.90
Bismak Pizza S$ 7.90

Saizeriya Pasta Menu

Saizeriya Pasta Menu

On Saizeriya’s pasta menu, you can choose from a wide range of tasty Italian pasta meals. Pasta dishes include Spaghetti Bolognese, Carbonara, Aglio Olio, Seafood Marinara, and Pesto Chicken.

Each dish is made with real Italian flavors and high-quality products to make sure you have a satisfying and tasty meal. The pasta offering at Saizeriya in Singapore is a real treat for people who love pasta.

Carbonara Pasta S$ 5.90
Carbonara Poached Egg Pasta S$ 6.90
Italian Herb Pasta S$ 7.90
Aglio Olio Shrimp & Broccoli Pasta S$ 5.90
Aglio Olio Plain Pasta S$ 4.50
Mentaiko Flavor Shrimp & Broccoli S$ 7.90
Vongole Spicy Tomato Pasta S$ 5.90
Bolognese Pasta S$ 4.50
Bolognese Poached Egg S$ 5.50

Saizeriya Doria Gratin And Rich Dishes Menu

Saizeriya Doria Gratin And Rich Dishes Menu

The menu at Saizeriya in Singapore is full of delicious Doria Gratin and Rich Dishes. Doria Gratin is a Japanese-style baked rice dish with layers of cream and cheese.

The Rich Dishes section has tasty choices like Omu Rice (omelet rice) and Hamburger Steak. The Japanese and Italian flavors in these recipes come together to make a unique and comforting meal.

Saizeriya’s Doria Gratin and Rich Dishes would satisfy even picky eaters.

Black Truffle & Mushroom S$ 7.90
Seafood S$ 7.90
Squid Ink S$ 5.90
Black Pepper Chicken S$ 5.90
Aglio Olio Vongole S$ 5.90
Spinach Chicken Gratin S$ 5.90
Four Cheese Ravioli S$ 5.90
Milano Gratin S$ 4.90
Milano Doria S$ 4.90
Milano Doria Poached Egg S$ 5.90
Cheese Milano Doria S$ 5.90
Salmon Doria S$ 6.50
Bacon Mushroom Risotto S$ 5.90
Seafood Risotto S$ 5.90
Curry Chicken Creamy Baked Rice S$ 6.50

Saizeriya Grill Menu

Hamburger S$ 6.50
Cheese Hamburger S$ 7.50
Hamburger & Sausage S$ 7.90
Cheese Chicken S$ 7.50
Pepper Chicken S$ 7.50
Sirloin Steak S$ 12.50
Tuscan Lamb Chop S$ 10.90
Grilled Squid S$ 7.90
Cheese Chicken & Sausage S$ 8.90
Grilled Salmon S$ 8.90

Saizeriya Desserts Menu

Chocolate Semifreddo S$ 4.90
Chocolate Truffle S$ 3.90
Tiramisu Ice S$ 4.90
Italian Pudding S$ 3.90
Pistachio Semifreddo S$ 4.90
Chocolate Lawa S$ 5.90
Waffle Ice Cream S$ 5.90
Oreo Cheese Cake S$ 3.90
Cookie & Ice Cream S$ 2.90
Vanilla Ice Cream S$ 2.90

Saizeriya Signature Dishes

Saizeriya Signature Dishes

The best meals at Saizeriya are made to make you feel like you’re in Italy without leaving the country.

This menu has something for people who want to try a wide range of real Italian meals without having to go to Europe or wait until they are hungry.

Saizeriya Sirloin Steak

This steak is made with a sauce that tastes good. The meat is soft & tasty when you bite into it. The steak is Served so that it soaks up the juices from the meat, making each bite even tastier.

The portions are big enough to fill you up without making you sick from eating too much.

Saizeriya Salmon Doria

Even if you try a lot of different meals, the Salmon Doria will be the best. This dish is their signature because of its taste combination.

The fish was the perfect texture, with a crispy outside and a juicy center. The sauce was creamy and spicy.

Saizeriya Black Truffle & Mushroom Pasta

Saizeriya Black Truffle & Mushroom Pasta

This spaghetti dish is great for a special event when you want to impress your dinner guests. The taste of the truffle is strong and rich, not quite dominant but definitely strong.

Together with the savory mushrooms and rich sauce, it makes a wonderful and luxurious taste that goes well with any wine (or beer!).

Saizeriya Allergen Menu

In Singapore, Saizeriya has an allergy menu to make sure that everyone is safe and happy. This menu has important information about foods like gluten, nuts, dairy, and more that are in their food.

Customers with dietary restrictions or allergies can use this helpful guide to make smart choices and enjoy their favorite Italian foods without worrying.

Saizeriya is open and friendly to everyone in Singapore due to its commitment to honesty and meeting different dietary needs.

Saizeriya Vegan Menu

Singapore’s Saizeriya has a vegan offering to meet the growing demand for plant-based food.

Italian vegan dishes are excellent. Vegan Italian food includes pasta, pizza, salads, and appetizers.

Saizeriya’s vegan alternatives allow plant-based eaters to have a satisfying dinner without compromising taste or diet.

Saizeriya Breakfast Menu

As of my last change in September 2021, Saizeriya in Singapore mostly serves Italian food and doesn’t have a separate menu for breakfast. They serve pasta, pizza, risotto, salads, and more for lunch & dinner.

Since then, the restaurant may have added breakfast selections or updated their menu, so I recommend phoning or checking their website to see if they have breakfast.

Saizeriya Lunch Menu

As of September 2021, Singapore’s Saizeriya offers a varied, affordable lunch menu. Lunch usually includes pasta, pizza, risotto, salads, and starters.

Saizeriya makes the lunch menu to suit a wide range of tastes and interests, making it a great choice for a filling midday meal.

The lunch menu at Saizeriya in Singapore has something for everyone, whether you want a quick bite or a long lunch with friends or coworkers.

Saizeriya Dinner Menu

The last time I checked, in September 2021, the dinner menu at Saizeriya in Singapore was varied and delicious. Dinner includes pastas, pizzas, risottos, appetizers, and more.

The dinner menu at Saizeriya has something for everyone, whether you like traditional Italian tastes or want to try something new. The intimate eatery is perfect for a family dinner.

I suggest checking Saizeriya’s main website or calling the restaurant directly to find out what’s new.

Saizeriya Kids Menu

As of my most recent update in September 2021, Saizeriya in Singapore has a great kids’ menu that is made just for them. The kids’ menu usually features healthy, kid-friendly Italian meals.

With mini-pizzas, pasta, and other fun meals, Saizeriya makes sure that everyone in the family, even the littlest ones, can have a satisfying and fun meal at their restaurant. Check Saizeriya’s main website or call the restaurant to get the most up-to-date information.

Saizeriya Near Me

Saizeriya Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from location to location, as franchises can set their own opening times.

These are the typical KFC hours of operation.

Monday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Saizeriya Important Details



FAQs About Saizeriya Menu Prices in Singapore

What is the best seller in Saizeriya?

The “Ren Qi” No. 1 item is the doria with meat sauce, which costs $4.250 and is creamy white baked rice with a special mix of meat sauce on top.

Where does Saizeriya get their food from?

Australian meat is safe and fresh. Singapore Saizeriya also gets its beef from an Australian plant so that it can make its delicious hamburgers and meat sauce at a price that Singaporeans can afford.

How many Saizeriya are there in Singapore?

We have About 30 shops in Singapore, more than a thousand in Japan, where we are based & about 400 in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan.

What type of cuisine does Saizeriya offer in Singapore?

Saizeriya is an Italian restaurant in Singapore that serves a wide variety of meals, including pasta, pizza, risotto, salads, and more.

Are the menu prices at Saizeriya in Singapore affordable?

Yes, Saizeriya’s menu prices being easy on the wallet make it a popular choice for eaters on a budget.

Does Saizeriya in Singapore have a separate lunch menu?

Yes, Saizeriya usually has a separate lunch menu with a wide range of choices to suit different tastes.

Are there vegan options available on Saizeriya’s menu in Singapore?

Yes, Saizeriya is committed to having vegan options on its menu so that people who only eat plants can still eat well.

What kind of appetizers are available at Saizeriya in Singapore?

On the appetizers menu at Saizeriya, you can choose from meals like bruschetta, garlic bread, calamari rings, and more.

Are there soups offered on Saizeriya’s menu in Singapore?

Yes, Saizeriya’s menu includes soups like minestrone soup and potato and bacon soup, which can be a comfortable choice for customers.

What types of pizzas can I find on Saizeriya’s menu in Singapore?

On the pizza menu at Saizeriya, you can choose from classics like Margherita or more unique choices like BBQ Chicken, Seafood Delight, and Vegetarian Supreme.

Does Saizeriya in Singapore offer Japanese-inspired dishes like Doria Gratin and Rich Dishes?

Yes, Saizeriya offers meals like Doria Gratin, which consists of baked rice, and Rich meals like Omu Rice and Hamburger Steak, giving the menu a unique twist.


In conclusion, Saizeriya in Singapore serves wonderful Italian food at affordable pricing. This makes it a top choice for diners who want to save money without giving up taste.

Everyone can have a delicious dinner on the menu, including vegetarians. Since Saizeriya is honest and meets everyone’s needs, everyone may have a delicious Italian lunch in Singapore.

Disclaimer: The information on Saizeriya menu prices in Singapore is based on data up to September 2021. Prices may have changed, so kindly verify the latest menu prices by visiting Saizeriya’s official website or contacting the restaurant directly.


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