SaladStop! Menu Prices in Singapore

SaladStop! offers a variety of healthy options on its menu in Singapore. Some of the popular items include Salad Meal, Warm Grain Bowl Meal, Game Changer, Warm Grain Bowl, Hail Caesar, and Wraps.


The prices and specific menu items may vary by region and location.

SaladStop! Menu

Best Food on SaladStop! Singapore Menu

Some of the best food options on their menu include:

  • Signature Salads:
  • Wraps
  • Dressings: SaladStop!
  • Rewards Program
  • Dressings
  • Rewards Program

SaladStop! Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Awfully Chocolate with a price list has twelve categories: SaladStop! Bundles, Seasonal Salads, Create Your Own, Signatures, Warm Protein Bowls, Smoosha, Homemade Goodness, Handcrafted Pastry, Snacks, Healthy Beverages, All Natural Prebiotic Sodas, and Retail.

SaladStop! Bundles

SaladStop! Bundles
Menu ItemsPrices
Salad MealFrom S$15.00
Wrap MealFrom S$15.00
Warm Grain Bowl MealFrom S$15.00

Seasonal Salads

Dolce VitaFrom S$14.90
Bold BulgogiFrom S$14.90

Create Your Own

Create Your Own
WrapFrom S$12.90
SaladFrom S$12.90
Warm Grain BowlFrom S$12.90


Mamma MiaFrom S$15.90
Iron “Wo” ManFrom S$15.90
The Earth BowlFrom S$15.90
Howdy!From S$14.90
Jai Ho!From S$14.90
Tuna SanFrom S$15.90
Hail CaesarFrom S$13.90
HabibiFrom S$13.90

Warm Protein Bowls

Game ChangerFrom S$16.50
ChihuahuaFrom S$16.90
Sabai SabaiFrom S$16.90
Jeju Bap!From S$16.50
KokoroFrom S$17.50


Acai Glory (acai bowl)S$12.90
Green Glow (spirulina bowl)S$12.90
Samba (acai bowl)S$10.90
Triple G (acai bowl)S$11.90
Summer Fling (smoothie bowl)S$11.90

Homemade Goodness

Greek Yoghurt w/ GranolaS$5.90
Blueberry Yoghurt w/ GranolaS$5.90
Almond Yoghurt w/ GranolaS$6.50
Mango MuesliS$6.90
Strawberry Banana MuesliS$6.90
Matcha Chia PuddingS$6.50
Chocolate Almond Chia PuddingS$6.50

Handcrafted Pastry

Walnut Raisin Carrot CakeS$4.50
Banana Cake w/ Acai SuperfruitS$4.50
Fresh Raspberry Almond CakeS$4.50


Mature Cheddar & Chives ChipsS$3.50
Sea Salt & Black Pepper ChipsS$3.50
Homemade BreadsticksS$6.50
Homemade Energy BitesS$4.90

Healthy Beverages

Healthy Beverages
Very Berry KefirS$7.90
Cold Pressed Juice: RebootS$6.90
Nighty Night KefirS$7.90
Strawberry LemonadeS$7.90
Cheeky MonkeyS$9.90
Berry Grape-fulS$9.90
Cold Pressed Juice: HydrateS$6.90
Coco WaterS$4.50
Tropical YuzuS$7.90
Yellow MellowS$9.90
Pure GreenS$9.90
Cold Pressed Juice: AlkalineS$6.90
Cold Pressed Juice: LimeS$6.90
Alkaline WaterS$0.50
Bahamas Villa KefirS$7.90
Get Shrek’dS$9.90

All Natural Prebiotic Sodas

All Natural Prebiotic Sodas
Mango Passion Echinacea SodaS$4.50
Honey Lemon Osmanthus SodaS$4.50


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml)S$30.00


Address: Singapore: 11 Orchard Rd, B1-21 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, Singapore 238826

Phone Number: +65 6904 4796



So, dear reader, thank you for joining us on this culinary journey. We appreciate you taking the time to explore the possibilities that await you at SaladStop!

Disclaimer: SaladStop! Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2024 may be subject to change without prior notice. For the latest restaurant information before you dine, call them directly or head to their official website.


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