Sushi-GO Menu Prices in Singapore

The menu prices at Sushi-GO in Singapore are relatively affordable, with a majority of the menu items priced under $10. For example, sushi items can go as low as $2.50.


The prices may vary slightly depending on the location and the specific set or dish ordered.

Sushi-GO Menu

Best Food on Sushi-GO Menu

Here are some of the best foods on the Sushi-GO menu.

  • Salmon Nigiri
  • Tuna Maki
  • Ebi Nigiri
  • Avocado Maki
  • Spicy Tuna Maki

Sushi-GO Menu with Prices

Here are the eight categories in the full menu with Sushi-GO: GO-Series, GO-Sushi Set, Handroll, Bento Don Set, Sushi Noodle Set, Sashimi, Drink, and Add-On.


Menu ItemsPrices
Meat Sushi-Go (3 pcs)S$4.80
Kani Sushi-GO (4 pcs)S$4.80
Kidz FavoriteS$4.20
Inari Sushi-Go (4 pcs)S$6.90

GO-Sushi Set

Double Salmon Set (8 pcs)S$11.80
Go-Ebi Set (8 pcs)S$9.50
Mentai Mayo Aburi Set (10 pcs)S$14.80
GO-Sashimi Set (10 Pcs)S$16.80
Go-Tamago Set (12 pcs)S$12.80
Salmon Sushi Set (8 pcs)S$11.80


California HandrollS$2.80
Soft Shell Crab HandrollS$4.60
Salmon Avocado HandrollS$3.30
Salmon HandrollS$3.00
Tamago HandrollS$2.40
Una Tama HandrollS$4.60
Lobster Salad HandrollS$4.60

Bento Don Set

Salmon Ikura Chirashi SetS$14.20
Kaisen Zuke Chirashi SetS$14.20
Go Kidz BentoS$8.90
Unagi Don SetS$14.60
Yangnyeom Chicken Don SetS$10.80

Sushi Noodle Set

Sushi Noodle Set
Beef Udon SetS$15.80
Udon SetS$14.80
Ramen SetS$15.80


Kajiki SashimiS$6.30
Hamachi SashimiS$6.50
Maguro SashimiS$6.30
Amaebi SashimiS$6.30
Salmon SashimiS$6.50
Sashimi PlatterS$16.50
Thick Cut Salmon SashimiS$8.60


Coca ColaS$2.20
Mineral WaterS$2.50
Jasmine Green TeaS$2.50
Ayataka Green TeaS$2.50
Ice Lemon TeaS$2.50


Miso SoupS$2.20
Shoyu SachetS$0.10
Wasabi SachetS$0.20


Address:  53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #04-02, AMK Hub, Singapore 569933

Phone Number: +65 6235 8783


Disclaimer: Sushi-GO Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2024 may be subject to change without prior notice. For the latest restaurant information before you dine, call them directly or head to their official website.


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