Sushiro Menu Prices List in Singapore

“Hello, sushi fans!” Are you looking for the most recent Sushiro Menu Prices List in Singapore  Then you’ve Come to the right place. We’ve changed their prices and put up their full menu with pictures. Prices come from Sushiro Singapore’s official sources.


Sushiro Restaurant opened in 1984 and is now Japan’s largest group of kaiten sushi restaurants. Now, not only is it the most popular name in Japan, but there are also more than 9 Sushiro stores in Singapore!

Sushiro Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2023


Sushiro Menu List in Singapore Latest 2024

The food on the Sushiro Singapore Menu is real Japanese food. They are proud of how much they care about quality, freshness & taste. It has standard dishes that have been improved So that you Can enjoy them.

They have a wide variety of sushi, and every week, fresh fish is brought in from Japan. It also has food for Vegetarians & other types of Fish. You can Order online, come to our restaurant to pick up your food, or eat there.

Sushiro Menu Prices in Singapore

The Sushiro Singapore menu has sections for Rice, wraps, Snacks, Soups, Noodles, and Drinks. Let’s look at each one in depth.


Sushiro Menu Prices List in Singapore Latest 2024:

Sushiro Singapore Popular Menu

The popular menu at Sushiro Singapore has a lot of tasty choices. From the suggested mix platters D19 to D22, which come in different sizes, to the tempting Sushiro salmon platters D01 and D02.

Try the DS01 Edamame, the DS02 Chicken Karaage, and the DS03 Fried Octopus as starters. Prices are listed in SGD.


Sushiro Singapore Popular Menu list

Menu Items Price
D19 Recommended Mix (1 Portion) SGD 9.80
D20 Recommended Mix (2 Portions) SGD 19.60
D01. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 1 Portion SGD 14.00
D02. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 2 Portions SGD 28.00
D08 Sushiro Platter 10 (1 Portion) SGD 14.15
D09. Sushiro Platter 10 for 2 Portions SGD 28.30

Platers Menu

Find out what’s on the plate menu at Sushiro in Singapore. Enjoy the variety of D19 to D22 Recommended Mix plates, which come with between 1 and 4 servings. Sushiro Salmon Platters D01 and D02 are for you to enjoy.

The DS01 Edamame, DS02 Chicken Karaage, and DS03 Fried Octopus are some of the appetizers. Prices in SGD.


Menu Items Price
D01. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 1 Portion SGD 14.00
D02. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 2 Portions SGD 28.00
D03. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 3 Portions SGD 42.00
D04. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 4 Portions SGD 56.00
D08 Sushiro Platter 10 (1 Portion) SGD 14.15
D09. Sushiro Platter 10 for 2 Portions SGD 28.30
D10. Sushiro Platter 10 for 3 Portions SGD 42.45
D15. Sushiro Superior Platter For 1 Portion SGD 25.25
D16. Sushiro Superior Platter For 2 Portion SGD 50.50
D17. Sushiro Superior Platter For 3 Portion SGD 75.75
D18. Sushiro Superior Platter For 4 Portion SGD 101.00
D23 Kids Platter (1 Portion) SGD 7.00
D24 Kids Platter (2 Portions) SGD 14.00
D25 Kids Platter (3 Portions) SGD 21.00
D26 Kids Platter (4 Portions) SGD 28.00

Side For Sushiro Menu

Side Menu list

The side menu at Sushiro is a treat in Singapore. Try DS01 Edamame, DS02 Chicken Karaage, and DS03 Fried Octopus, all of which have delicious tastes that will make your meal more enjoyable. All prices are shown in SGD, which makes your choice even better.

Menu Items Price
DS01. Edamame SGD 3.50
DS02. Chicken Karaage SGD 4.80
DS03. Fried Octopus SGD 7.80

Sushiro Recommended Mix Menu

Sushiro Recommended Mix 

Recommended Mix plates from Sushiro Singapore are a delicious treat that are hard to pass up. From D19 to D22, these carefully chosen mixes have 1 to 4 servings to suit groups of different sizes. Mixing tastes can take your meals to the next level. The prices are in SGD.

Menu Items Price
D19 Recommended Mix (1 Portion) SGD 9.80
D20 Recommended Mix (2 Portions) SGD 19.60
D21 Recommended Mix (3 Portions) SGD 29.40
D22 Recommended Mix (4 Portions) SGD 39.20

Sushiro Fatty Mackerel Oshisushi

Fatty Mackerel Oshi sushi is salty and tasty. It’s Popular with sushi enthusiasts who want to Consume fatty fish without feeling full.

Fresh fish melts in your lips, and warm rice is silky. The garnish gives the meal texture & crunch. The sauce Offers enough flavor to keep you Eating.

This meal is soft and supple, melting in your tongue as you chew it, producing flavor bursts that are hard to describe but easy to appreciate! Those who love sushi but don’t want a heavy meal should try this—it’s light enough to satisfy your hunger and leave room for dessert or another dish!

Sushiro Triple Aburi Shrimp

The Triple Aburi Shrimp at Sushiro is sweet, spicy, and delectable. The shrimp are lightly battered and fried, then topped with a spicy mayonnaise sauce for the proper spice. Rice and stir-fried veggies in a sweet sauce accompany the shrimp.

This dish is great since the rice, vegetables, and sauce are sweet and the shrimp and wasabi & ketchup sauces are sour. Its modest Spice level makes it appealing to folks who don’t enjoy spicy meals yet want something with a bite.

Overall, this dinner is a wonderful pick if you want Something yummy that Won’t break the bank or make You want to diet!

Sushiro Salmon Avocado Roll

The Sushiro Salmon Avocado Roll is tasty & filling. Cucumber, salmon, avocado & sesame seeds. Seaweed and rice wrap the roll. This roll is cheap and available at most grocery stores.

The flavor and texture are balanced. Salmon is fresh, delicate & tasty. The cucumber gives the roll a crunch and a sharp flavor that Cuts through the oiliness of the other ingredients. The avocado provides richness & taste to the roll, Complementing everything else.

This sushi roll is excellent for every occasion because you can eat it with chopsticks or fingers and it’s portable before your next journey!

Sushiro Kids Menu

The Kids Menu at Sushiro in Singapore is a great choice for kids. On the Menu, there are items like the D23 Kids Platter for 1 portion, which costs SGD 7.00 & the D24 Kids Platter for 2 pieces, which Costs SGD 14.00. Both of these items are made to please kids’ tastes.

The D25 Kids Platter with 3 servings costs SGD 21.00, and the D26 Kids Platter with 4 servings costs SGD 28.00. These are For People with bigger appetites. Give your kids a meal that tastes good & is fun to eat.

Sushiro Dessert Menu

If you’re in Singapore & have a sweet craving, you must try something from Sushiro’s dessert menu. Choose from a variety of delicious sweets to round out your dinner.

Sushiro has a wide variety of desserts, both classic and creative, to Satisfy any Sweet need. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Japanese sweets or Something more exotic, you’ll find something delicious on the dessert menu.

Don’t leave your meal without trying one of the restaurant’s delicious desserts.

Sushiro Allergen Menu

Sushiro in Singapore is committed to ensuring the security of their patrons at all times. Those with food allergies might get helpful information from the restaurant’s allergen menu.

This Menu includes information on allergies, Such as gluten, dairy & nuts, as well as individual components. Because of Sushiro’s dedication to honesty, you can relax & enjoy your dinner. If you have food allergies, Please feel free to ask for the restaurant’s Allergen policy.

Sushiro Vegan Menu

The Veggie Menu at Sushiro in Singapore reflects the fact that People have different tastes when it comes to food. The Vegan menu has a variety of well-thought-out Meals that don’t use animal products & will appeal to people who live a plant-based lifestyle.

Every choice, from sushi rolls to flavorful Sides, is made to be delicious and satisfying while staying true to vegan principles. Sushiro’s Commitment to making Food for different diets means that everyone can enjoy a Delicious meal that fits with their Values.

Sushiro Breakfast Menu

Sushiro is best known for its sushi, and it doesn’t usually have a separate menu for breakfast.

But restaurant menus can change, so if you want the most up-to-date information on what Sushiro Singapore has to offer, including any new breakfast options they have possibly added since then, I suggest calling them or going to their website.

Sushiro Lunch Menu

Enjoy a delicious and relaxing midday meal at Sushiro’s Offering in Singapore. Japanese Dishes such as sushi and bento boxes are available. The varied selections on the lunch Menu mean that everyone can find Something that Hits the spot.

Sushiro’s lunch menu is Designed to offer a variety of classic & contemporary cuisine for a balanced & pleasurable midday meal.

Sushiro Dinner Menu

A fine dining experience as the sun sets is promised by Sushiro’s dinner menu in Singapore. Sashimi platters and traditional sushi rolls are just two examples of the many options available here.

There’s something for everyone on the Dinner menu, whether you’re hosting a small family dinner or a large group celebrating a Special occasion.

The carefully crafted dishes and warm ambiance of Sushiro’s dinner Menu make for the Perfect environment for a relaxing and satisfying evening.

Sushiro Nutrition Facts

Menu  Size Calories Carbs Fat Protein
salmon sushi 1 pack 151 21.5g 3.7g 3.7g
Maguro 2 pieces 78 0g 0g 0g
Suimono Soup 6 oz 33 2g 0g 0g
Cucumber Rolls 4 pieces 138 0g 0g 0g
Egg Torte 1 Torte 223 0g 0g 0g
Nigiri 2 Pieces 148 5g 0g 0g
Tuna Salad Gunkan Roll 2 pieces 156 0g 0g 0g
Salmon With Basil 2 pieces 144 0g 0g 0g
Vanilla Ice-cream 1 scoop 57 0g 0g 0g

Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from location to location, as franchises can set their own opening times.

These are the Sushiro hours of operation.

Monday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sushiro Head Office Contact Details

Address:- 70 Shenton Way, #17-04/05, Eon Shenton, Singapore 079118

Sushiro Near Me

FAQs About Sushiro Menu Prices in Singapore

How expensive is Sushiro?

At Sushiro Singapore, prices start at $2.20++, which is a little more than 100. This is Still a good deal, given that all of the food Comes from Japan, including the sashimi. There are More than 100 different Kinds of sushi. Most of them cost between $2.20++ & $3.20++.

Why is Sushiro popular?

This big Japanese sushi chain with a moving conveyor belt is popular with people of all ages and genders. Prices start as low as 120 yen per dish, but the products and taste are still good. (Items and prices change by location).

Why is sushi the best meal?

Sushi is less of a Challenge to digest than other meals because of the Use of fresh, Ethereal ingredients. Sushi is also a Wonderful method to increase your intake of Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 & D & other essential elements.

How much does sushi cost at Sushiro?

Check out the Amazing Menu at Sushiro today! The five best deals at Sushiro are the Recommended Mix 2, the Sushiro Salmon Platter 3, the Sushiro Platter 10 2, the Sushiro Superior Platter 4, and the Kids Platter 3. Prices for sushi plates, Oishi sushi, sides, and kids’ meals range from S$3.80 to S$107.60 at Sushiro.

What to eat at Sushiro Singapore?

There is a lot to choose from on the menu at Sushiro Singapore. Traditional Japanese cuisine, such as sushi, Sashimi & more, Comes in a wide variety.

What is Sushiro Singapore?

The Sushiro Singapore is a branch of the Japanese chain of the same name. Sushi rice, a traditional Japanese Dish prepared with rice vinegar, sugar & salt, is the restaurant’s claim to fame. The sushi rice at Sushiro Singapore Menu is made with a real Japanese recipe, which gives it a taste you won’t find anywhere else.

Which Sushiro platter is right for You?

If you want to try a little bit of everything, the Sushiro Platter 10 for 1 Portion is the best pick. The tuna is fresh & delicious, without having an Overpowering fish flavor. The salmon belly is soft and melts in your mouth, while the broiled salmon belly has a crisp outside and a surprise amount of spice.

How much does a single portion of the Recommended Mix platter cost?

One piece from the Recommended Mix plate, like D19, costs SGD 9.80.

Are there options for larger groups in the Recommended Mix platters?

Yes, Sushiro’s Recommended Mix plates come in different sizes, from D20 (2 pieces) for SGD 19.60 to D22 (4 pieces) for SGD 39.20.

What’s the pricing for the Sushiro Salmon Platter?

There are different sizes of the Sushiro Salmon Platter. For example, the D01 Sushiro Salmon Platter costs SGD 14.00 for one serving, while the D02 costs SGD 28.00 for two servings.

Are there any affordable side options available on the menu?

Yes, Sushiro has a lot of different sides. The Edamame DS01 costs SGD 3.50, the Chicken Karaage DS02 costs SGD 4.80, and the Fried Octopus DS03 costs SGD 7.80.


In 2023, Sushiro’s varied food and low prices will still make Singaporeans want to eat there. There are choices for everyone, from the tempting D19 to D22 Recommended Mix platters for groups of different sizes to the tasty D01 and D02 Sushiro Salmon platters.

Side dishes like DS01 Edamame, DS02 Chicken Karaage, and DS03 Fried Octopus are tasty. Prices are stated in SGD, and Sushiro is still a great place to go for a satisfying meal.

Disclaimer: Please note that the provided information regarding Sushiro’s menu prices in Singapore for 2023 is subject to change and may not be up-to-date at the time of viewing. Kindly verify the menu items and prices directly with the restaurant for the most accurate and current details.


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