Swensens Menu Prices in Singapore

The staff at Swensens Singapore Menu considers eating together to be a fundamental social practice. That’s why we’ve been in business in Singapore since 1979 when it was only a sleepy fishing village and not the thriving metropolis it is now.


Swensen Singapore’s 2023 menu and other details may be found here. Swensen’s is more than just a great spot to purchase an ice cream sundae; it’s also a great place to spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying some delicious treats.

Swensens Menu Prices in Singapore


You may get everything from a hearty bowl of soup to a crispy chicken sandwich or a burger at any time of the day. You can also indulge in some dessert, whether it be their signature banana split sundae or one of the many delectable ice cream flavors they offer.

Swensens Menu in Singapore

Singapore’s Swensen’s serves delicious food. Their delectable ice cream & sundaes delight sweet tooths. Besides ice cream, they serve hefty mains, salads, sandwiches & Classic American comfort foods.

Swensen’s is a Singaporean favorite for families, friends, and dessert lovers due to its cozy atmosphere.


Swensens Menu Prices Singapore

Looking for the Swensen Singapore Menu? We’re here to give you the recipes for all Singapore restaurants. Swensen’s menu had a lot of tasty things to choose from.

Here is Swensen meal price list in Singapore:

Swensen Popular

Swensen Popular


In Singapore, Swensen’s is a chain of restaurants well-known for its delicious ice cream and American food. Swensen’s has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, making it a favorite among both locals and visitors.

From juicy burgers to sizzling steaks to sweet treats, they have it everything on their enormous menu. Swensen’s is a popular choice among Singaporeans due to its tasty meals, helpful staff & innovative ice cream flavors.

Menu Items Price
Fish Baked Rice S$ 17.17
Chicken Baked Rice S$ 16.09
Mac N Cheese S$ 16.09
Fish & Chips S$ 18.90
Seafood Arrabbiata Pasta S$ 19.33
Hot U.S. Fries & Dips S$ 7.45

Swensen Ramadan Special

Swensen Ramadan Special

In Singapore, Swensen’s has a unique Ramadan menu to accommodate the community of fast-takers. A variety of delectable & nutritious foods are included in Swensen’s Ramadan Special to help you break your fast.

For those observing Ramadan, the restaurant offers a pleasant meal experience with everything from classic iftar favorites to exquisite desserts. Swensen’s dedication to inclusivity & sharing numerous cultural celebrations with their clients is reflected in this effort.

Menu Items Price
Satay Ayam with Rice S$ 49.06
Ayam Panggang Pizza S$ 18.25
IMPOSSIBLE Satay Pizza S$ 19.33
Ramadan Iftar Platter S$ 31.10
Pisang Goreng Keju S$ 13.82
Sirap Bandung with Jelly Pearl S$ 5.94

Hari Raya Ice Cream Cakes

Hari Raya Ice Cream Cakes

To mark the happy occasion, Swensen’s in Singapore offers delicious Hari Raya Ice Cream Cakes. Beautifully made, this delicacy is a perfect fit for Hari Raya celebrations because of its blend of quality ice cream flavors.

Swensen’s Hari Raya Ice Cream Cakes are the best way to celebrate with loved ones.

Menu Items Price
Ketupat Ice Cream Cake 550g S$ 55.00
Ketupat Ice Cream Cake 550g S$ 55.00
Pandan Bandung Ice Cream Roll 500g S$ 48.00

Novelty Ice Cream

Novelty Ice Cream

Singapore’s Swensen’s menu has a great variety of Novelty Ice Cream choices to please ice cream lovers. These creative treats go beyond standard tastes by combining flavors in new ways and putting them in new ways.

Kids and adults love Swensen’s Novelty Ice Cream’s themed and exquisite ice cream sundaes.

Menu Item Price
Nugget’ Ice Cream (6pcs) Vanilla S$ 8.80
Nugget’ Ice Cream (12pcs) Vanilla S$ 15.80
Nugget’ Ice Cream (18pcs) Vanilla S$ 21.60
(Single Flavour) ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream Pint (2pcs) with Vanilla S$ 11.90
(Single Flavour) ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream Pint (2pcs) with Sticky Chewy Chocolate S$ 12.90
(Single Flavour) (2pcs) with Cookies N Cream S$ 12.90
(Single Flavour) Box of FriedChicken IceCream 8pcs Vanilla S$ 43.00
(Single Flavour) Box(8pcs) with Sticky Chewy Choco S$ 47.00
(Single Flavour) Box (8pcs) with Cookies N Cream S$ 47.00
(Double Flavour) Box 8pcs with 4 Vanilla & 4 Sticky Chewy Choco S$ 45.00
(Double Flavour) Box 8pcs with 4 CookiesNCream & 4 Sticky Chewy Choco S$ 47.00

Crumble Base Series

Crumble Base Series

For those who prefer their sweets with a bit of crunch, Swensen’s in Singapore has a Crumble Base Series on the menu. This series features desserts made with crumble, such as fruit & cream-filled pies and tarts.

The Crumble Base Series delights dessert fans with its buttery, crispy crumble, and savory contents.

Menu Item Price
PB&O Crumble Ice Cream Cake S$ 67.00

Swensen 30% OFF Family Sets

Swensen 30% OFF Family Sets

The Family Sets Menu at Swensen’s in Singapore is currently 30% off as part of an exciting deal. Large groups looking to dine in style on a budget will love this deal.

There’s something for everyone on the Family Sets Menu, so you can all relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of Swensen’s as you dine.

Menu Items Price
30% Off Family Set for 2 S$ 70.00
30% Off Family Set for 3 S$ 110.00
30% Off Family Set for 4 S$ 138.00
30% Off Family Set for 6 S$ 208.00
30% Off Family Set for 8 S$ 277.00

Swensen Asian Delights

Swensen Asian Delights

The intriguing “Asian Delights” menu from Swensen’s in Singapore features a combination of delicious meals drawn from the region’s many different cuisines.

This menu offers a fascinating voyage through the flavors of Asia, featuring tempting noodle dishes, aromatic stir-fries & mouthwatering Asian-inspired burgers. Whether you’re hankering for a taste of China, Japan, or Thailand, Swensen’s Asian Delights menu guarantees a unique culinary experience.

Menu Items Price
Claypot Spicy Laksa S$ 17.06
Swensen’s Nasi Lemak S$ 15.98
Beef Hor Fun S$ 15.98
Seafood Mee Goreng S$ 17.06

Swensen’s x More Batter

Swensen’s x More Batter

Swensen’s, a Singaporean bakery, and More Batter, a well-known bakery, have teamed up to provide a relationship that is both delicious and exciting. Together, Swensen’s quality ice cream & More Batter’s delectable baked pastries are a match made in heaven.

Sweet tooths, rejoice: these two culinary powerhouses have joined forces to produce a delectable treat for dessert fans, including mouthwatering ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes & more.

Menu Items Price
Daebak Sam Set S$ 22.70
Wanjeondaebak Siks Set S$ 44.40

Coke Challenge with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Combos

Coke Challenge with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Combos

Use Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Combos to take the “Coke Challenge” at Swensen’s in Singapore. A variety of delicious foods are available to satisfy your palate, and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar pairs perfectly with them.

A Coca-Cola Zero Sugar beverage is included with your choice of a variety of combos, including burgers, spaghetti, or salads. For a delightful dining experience, this intriguing offering offers the ideal balance of flavor & fizz.

Menu Items Price
SAVE $25 Family Set for 2 (U.P $70). S$ 49.46
SAVE $23 Family Set for 3 (U.P $90). S$ 63.59
SAVE $51 Family Set for 4 (U.P $140). S$ 98.92
SAVE $75 Family Set for 6 (U.P $210). S$ 148.37
SAVE $101 Family Set for 8 (U.P $280). S$ 197.83

Swensen Slidin’ in

Menu Items Price
Box of 6 Sliders S$ 24.13

Swensen Ice Cream Pints

Swensen Ice Cream Pints

The wonderful ice cream flavors from Swensen’s in Singapore are available in handy Ice Cream Pints. Bring the goodness home and indulge in your preferred Swensen’s ice cream whenever you like.

These ice cream pints come in a variety of flavors, from traditional Vanilla and Chocolate to unusual ones like Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Durian King, making them ideal for sharing with loved ones or enjoying on your own.

Menu Items Price
Hokkaido Snow with Honeycomb Bits Ice Cream Pint S$ 16.80
Hokkaido Snow Ice Cream Pint S$ 15.80
Mao Shan Wang with Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream Pint S$ 18.80
Durian Supreme Pint S$ 16.80
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream Pint Tub S$ 11.80
Cookies ‘N’ Cream Ice Cream Pint S$ 11.80
Strawberry Ice Cream Pint S$ 11.80
Salted Butterscotch Crumble Pint S$ 11.80
Thin Mint Pint S$ 11.80
Lower Sugar Chocolate Pint S$ 11.80
Mocha Almond Fudge Pint S$ 11.80
Rocky Road Pint S$ 11.80
Lower Sugar Chocolate Pint S$ 11.80
Vanilla Pint S$ 11.80
Bandung Ice Cream Pint S$ 11.80

Swensen Frozen Yogurt Bars

Menu Items Price
Frozen Yogurt Bar (Single Bar) S$ 3.90

Swensen Best Sellers

Swensen Best Sellers

Swensen’s in Singapore offers a mouthwatering selection of Best Sellers that have captured the hearts of many customers. Enjoy their all-time favorites, including the iconic Earthquake Sundae, the delectable Sticky Chewy Chocolate & the mouthwatering Firehouse Happy Birthday.

These Best Sellers are certain to make an impact on you, whether you’re a frequent client or a first-time visitor, with their exquisite flavors & appetizing presentations.

Menu Items Price
Deep-fried Mushrooms S$ 8.53
Fish and Chips S$ 18.90
Chicken Baked Rice S$ 16.09
Mac ‘N’ Cheese S$ 16.09
Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise S$ 18.25
Box of 6 Sliders S$ 24.13
Earthquake In A Box S$ 25.71
Topless 15 S$ 18.15

Swensen Value Meal for Single

Menu Items Price
$15 Deliveroo Set S$ 15.00

Swensen Impossible Burgers

Swensen Impossible Burgers

In Singapore, vegans and vegetarians can satisfy their burger cravings at Swensen’s, which serves delicious Impossible Burgers. Vegans and meat eaters can enjoy these flavorful burgers guilt-free.

Enjoy the tasty burger with crisp vegetables & a lot of fries. Everyone can expect a wonderful and fulfilling meal from Swensen’s Impossible Burgers.

Menu Items Price
Build Your Own Impossible Burger S$ 13.93
Swensen’s Impossible Burger S$ 17.17
Rendang Impossible S$ 18.25
Mushroom Impossible S$ 19.33
Garlic Aioli Impossible S$ 18.25
Swensen’s Bagus Burger S$ 18.25

Swensen Sides

Swensen Sides

A tempting range of sides is available at Swensen’s in Singapore to go with your meal.

These sides enhance your dining experience with an additional layer of flavor, ranging from traditional favorites like Garlic Bread & French Fries to more inventive selections like Onion Rings & Crispy Calamari.

Swensen’s sides are the ideal complement to a hefty burger or a savory pasta dish, making for a pleasant & full dinner.

Menu Items Price
Hot U.S. Fries and Dips S$ 7.45
Butterfly Shrimps S$ 11.77
Chicky Cheese Fries in Steak Cut S$ 12.85
Calamari Rings S$ 9.61
Chicky Cheese Fries in Straight Cut S$ 12.85
Spice ‘N’ Chic S$ 10.69
Rodeo Wings S$ 11.77
Buckaroo Wings S$ 11.77
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce S$ 11.77
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks S$ 10.69
Deep-fried Mushrooms S$ 8.53

Swensen Baked Rice

Swensen Baked Rice

For those who enjoy rice, Swensen’s Baked Rice meals are a delicious treat. These oven-baked delicacies provide a nutritious & filling supper with the ideal fusion of flavors & textures.

Choose from a variety of alternatives, such as the delectable Seafood Baked Rice or the mouthwatering Chicken Baked Rice. At Swensen’s in Singapore, every dish is skillfully prepared to provide a cozy and delectable dining experience.

Menu Items Price
Curry Chicken Baked Rice S$ 17.17
Fish Baked Rice S$ 17.17
Fisherman’s Catch-Baked Rice S$ 17.17
Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Baked Rice S$ 17.17
Chicken Baked Rice S$ 16.09

Swensen Pizza

Swensen Pizza

Pizza lovers in Singapore can’t go wrong with Swensen’s delicious pizza options. Get your fill of delicious pizzas including the Margherita and the Meat Lover’s as well as the vegetarian and the New York Style.

Swensen’s pizzas are guaranteed to please any pizza connoisseur thanks to their perfectly proportioned toppings and flaky crust.

Menu Items Price
Margherita Pizza S$ 16.09
Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza S$ 18.25
Hawaiian Pizza S$ 17.17

Swensen Pasta

Swensen Pasta

Mouthwatering Italian-inspired dishes are available at Swensen’s Pasta. There’s a pasta dish for every taste, from rich Carbonara to zippy Aglio Olio. Each meal is carefully crafted using only the highest quality ingredients.

Swensen’s Pasta has Something for everyone, whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian.

Menu Items Price
Teriyaki Chicken Pasta S$ 19.33
Black Pepper Seafood Pasta S$ 19.33
Seafood Arrabbiata Pasta S$ 19.33
Crayfish Pasta S$ 21.49
Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise S$ 18.25
Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Pasta S$ 19.33
Spaghetti Carbonara S$ 15.01
Beef Lasagne S$ 18.25
Mac ‘N’ Cheese S$ 16.09
Go Green Lasagne S$ 15.01
Spaghetti Aglio Olio S$ 15.01
No Meet U Pasta S$ 16.09
Beef Sausage Arrabbiata S$ 16.09

Swensen Fish

Swensen Fish

For lovers of seafood, Swensen’s Fish meals are a wonderful option. The menu offers a variety of fish alternatives to suit diverse tastes, from tasty Fish & Chips to exquisite Grilled Dory.

Swensen’s Fish recipes guarantee a pleasurable and gratifying dining experience whether they are accompanied by a side of crisp fries or fresh greens.

Menu Items Price
Fish & Chips S$ 18.90
Battered Fish & Chips S$ 18.90
Grilled Fish with Meunière Sauce S$ 19.33
Grilled Fish Sambal S$ 18.25
Pesto Salmon S$ 21.49

Swensen Meats

Swensen Meats

Swensen’s Meats is a great place for carnivores because it has a wide range of mouthwatering options. Every food, from juicy Sirloin Steaks to tender BBQ Ribs, is cooked to perfection, So you can be sure it will be tasty & filling.

Swensen’s Meats has something on its menu for every meat lover, whether they like beef, chicken, or pork.

Menu Items Price
Ribeye Steak S$ 27.97
Sirloin Steak S$ 25.81
Tenderloin Steak S$ 31.21
Lamb Chops S$ 26.89
We Meat Again Combo S$ 31.21

Swensen Poultry

Swensen Poultry

For those who appreciate fowl delicacies, Swensen’s fowl meals offer a mouthwatering selection. The menu provides a variety of selections that cater to varied preferences, from tender Grilled Chicken to delicious Roast Chicken.

Swensen’s Poultry meals promise a joyful and gratifying dining experience since they are bursting with flavor and paired with delightful sides.

Menu Items Price
Boneless Fried Chicken S$ 18.25
Breaded Chicken S$ 18.25
Crispy Cornflake Chicken S$ 18.25
Chicken in the Basket S$ 18.90
Farm Roast Chicken with Herbs Gravy S$ 19.33
BBQ Chicken S$ 18.25

Swensen Burgers

Menu Items Price
Double Cheese Beef Burger S$ 19.33
Mega Burger S$ 19.33

Swensen Sourdough & Sandwiches

Menu Items Price
Sourdough 49ers Chicken S$ 17.17
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich S$ 18.25

Swensen All Day Brunch

Menu Items Price
Southern Style Chicken ‘N’ Waffle S$ 17.17
Omelette S$ 16.09

Swensen Soups

Swensen Soups

Swensen’s soups are soul-warming. Swensen’s provides soup for everyone, from Tomato Basil to Mushroom. Each bowl is carefully made with fresh ingredients & delicious seasonings to provide a comfortable & satisfying meal.

Menu Items Price
Creamy Mushroom S$ 9.61
Clam Chowder S$ 9.61
Creamy Mushroom with Bread Bowl S$ 12.85
Clam Chowder with Bread Bowl S$ 12.85

Swensen Salads

Swensen Salads

Swensen’s Salads give Customers a light and healthful option. These meals, which range from the traditional Caesar Salad to the colorful Grilled Chicken Salad are a lovely combination of fresh veggies & tasty dressings.

Swensen’s Salads offer a gratifying and guilt-free dining experience, ideal for those seeking a balanced and delectable option, whether you’re Searching for a light dinner or a Nutritious side.

Menu Items Price
Prawn and Fruit Salad S$ 15.01
Smoked Salmon Salad S$ 16.09
Caesar Salad with Breaded Chicken S$ 15.01
Pulled Chicken Salad S$ 15.01
Caesar Salad with Breaded Fish S$ 16.09
Caesar Salad S$ 12.85

‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream

‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream

‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream is a novel and inventive dish from Swensen’s. The spicy & crispy components of fried chicken are combined with the sweetness of ice cream in this delectable dish.

The outcome is a delightful delicacy that surprises the taste buds. Swensen’s ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream is a must-try and is ideal for intrepid foodies or those Seeking a creative twist on traditional flavors.

Menu Items Price
(Single Flavour) ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream Pint (2pcs) S$ 11.90
(Single Flavour) Box of FriedChicken IceCream 8pcs Vanilla S$ 43.00
(Single Flavour) ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream Pint (2pcs) with Sticky Chewy Chocolate S$ 12.90
(Single Flavour) (2pcs) with Cookies N Cream S$ 12.90
(Single Flavour) Box (8pcs) with Cookies N Cream S$ 47.00
(Double Flavour) Box 8pcs with 4 Vanilla & 4 Sticky Chewy Choco S$ 45.00
(Double Flavour) Box 8pcs with 4 CookiesNCream & 4 Sticky Chewy Choco S$ 47.00

Swensen Shakes and Blends

Swensen Shakes and Blends

Swensen’s Shakes and Blends menu features deliciously creamy drinks. Chocolate and Strawberry Shakes and unique Tropical Blends gratify every craving.

These delightful shakes and blends from Swensen’s in Singapore are made with premium ingredients and topped with whipped cream.

Menu Items Price
Mango Tango Yogurt Smoothie S$ 6.48
Fruzer Shake S$ 8.11
Strawberry Fields Forever Yogurt Smoothie S$ 6.48
Berries Merry Yogurt Smoothie S$ 6.48
Strawberry Cranberry Yogurt Blends S$ 6.48
Zesty Mango Yogurt Blends S$ 6.48
Mango and Lychee Ice Blended S$ 6.48
Soursop Ice Blended S$ 6.48

Swensen $19.80 for 2 Pint Tubs (U.P. $23.60)

Menu Items Price
$19.80 for 2 Pint Tubs (U.P. $23.60) S$ 19.80

Swensen Mega Sundaes

Swensen Mega Sundaes

Ice cream lovers’ dream is Swensen’s Mega Sundaes. These massive desserts are a visual and gustatory joy with their ice cream flavors, toppings, and sauces.

Each Mega Sundae, from the towering Banana Split to the grandiose Earthquake Sundae, is a mouthwatering masterpiece.

Menu Items Price
Topless 15 S$ 18.15
Chocolate Fantasy S$ 17.07
Earthquake In A Box S$ 25.71
Jumbo Banana Split S$ 19.23
Goreng Pisang Split S$ 14.91

Swensen Ice cream cakes

Swensen Ice cream cakes

An enjoyable dessert for every event, Swensen’s Ice Cream Cakes. These delicious desserts feature layers of cake, ice cream & toppings.

From the Classic Black Forest Ice Cream Cake to the festive Rainbow Celebration Cake, Swensen’s has a wide range of sweet treats for any Occasion.

Menu Items Price
Swensen’s Special Ice Cream Cake S$ 55.00
Choco Hazel Ice Cream Cake S$ 55.00
Ultimate Strawberry Ice Cream Cake S$ 55.00
Mango-ificent Ice Cream Cake S$ 55.00
Cookies N Cream Ice Cream Cake S$ 55.00
Enchanted Blackforest Ice Cream Cake S$ 55.00
Black Forest Gateau Ice Cream Cake S$ 45.00
Tropical Mango Ice Cream Cake S$ 45.00
Swensen’s Rainbow Ice Cream Cake S$ 45.00
Gift Me Ice Cream Cake S$ 45.00
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream Cake S$ 55.00
Funfetti Ice Cream Cake S$ 45.00
Nutty Hazel Ice Cream Cake S$ 45.00

Swensen Ice Cream Sundaes

Swensen Ice Cream Sundaes

Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate a Swensen’s Ice Cream Sundae. Each sundae, because of the wide variety of syrups, fruits, and other toppings available, is a harmonious medley of flavor and texture.

Swensen’s is the greatest place to get a Hot Fudge Sundae or Tropical Paradise.

Menu Items Price
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Sundae S$ 12.75
Chocolate Crunch Sundae S$ 12.75
Durian Supreme Sundae S$ 13.83
Salted Gula Melaka Heaven Sundae S$ 12.75
Coit Tower Sundae S$ 13.83
Hazel Daze Sundae S$ 12.75
Macadamia Mania S$ 12.75
Merri-Mint Sundae S$ 9.51
Hot Fudge Sundae S$ 9.51
Strawberry Sundae S$ 9.51
Gold Rush Sundae S$10.59

Swensen Milkshake

Swensen Milkshake

Swensen’s Milkshakes provide drink enthusiasts with a creamy & revitalizing choice. These delicious milkshakes are produced with high-quality ice cream & blended well.

From Chocolate & Vanilla to Oreo Cookies & Strawberry Cheesecake, Swensen’s Milkshakes are exciting and rich.

Menu Items Price
Salted Butterscotch Crumble Milkshake S$ 6.48
Chocolate Peanut Buttercup Milkshake S$ 6.48
Yammy Coconut Milkshake S$ 6.48
Salted Gula Melaka Milkshake S$ 6.48
Coffee Fix Milkshake S$ 6.48
Lower Sugar Chocolate Milkshake S$ 6.48
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Milkshake S$ 6.48
Cookies ‘N’ Cream Milkshake S$ 6.48
Lower Sugar Strawberry Milkshake S$ 6.48
Strawberry Milkshake S$ 6.48
Dark Chocolate Truffle Milkshake S$ 6.48
Lower Sugar Vanilla Milkshake S$ 6.48
Thin Mint Milkshake S$ 6.48
Durian King Milkshake S$ 6.48
Chocoholic Milkshake S$ 6.48
Vanilla Milkshake S$ 6.48
Macadamia Nut Milkshake S$ 6.48
Mango Milkshake S$ 6.48
Nutty Hazel with Kit Kat Milkshake S$ 6.48
Rocky Road Milkshake S$ 6.48
Mocha Almond Fudge Milkshake S$ 6.48

Swensen Malted Milkshakes

Swensen Malted Milkshakes

Milkshake lovers love Swensen’s Malted Milkshakes. These creamy drinks are created with malted milk powder, quality ice cream & milk. Swensen’s in Singapore offers nostalgic tastes like Malted Chocolate and Malted Vanilla.

Menu Items Price
Lower Sugar Vanilla Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Dark Chocolate Truffle (with truffle oil) Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Rocky Road Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Durian King Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Salted Butterscotch Crumble Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Macadamia Nut Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Salted Gula Melaka Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Mango Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Mocha Almond Fudge Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Strawberry Pearl Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Strawberry Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Nutty Hazel with Kit Kat Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Thin Mint Marshmallow Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Thin Mint Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Chocoholic Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Vanilla Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Yammy Coconut Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Coffee Fix Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Lower Sugar Chocolate Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Chocolate Peanut Buttercup Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Lower Sugar Strawberry Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48
Cookies ‘N’ Cream Malted Milk Shake S$ 6.48

Swensen Thirst Quenchers

Swensen Thirst Quenchers

Swensen’s Thirst Quenchers has a variety of cold drinks that are perfect for keeping cool. You can choose from a variety of refreshing beverages, including tart Lemonades, sweet Iced Teas, and fruity Mocktails.

High-quality ingredients and unusual flavors make Swensen’s Thirst Quenchers a perfect addition to your meal.

Menu Items Price
Hot Milo S$ 4.53
Iced Milo S$ 5.19
Root Beer S$ 4.87
Orange Juice S$ 4.32
Apple Juice S$ 4.32
Hot Chocolate S$ 4.87
Soft drink S$ 3.13

Swensen Gourmet Coffee

Swensen Gourmet Coffee

Coffee lovers will like the assortment of Swensen’s Gourmet Coffee. Each cup, from rich Espresso to creamy Cappuccino and velvety Mocha, is skillfully made using the finest coffee beans.

Swensen’s Gourmet Coffee offers hot and cold beverages to satisfy your coffee needs and enhance your eating experience.

Menu Items Price
Freshly Brewed Coffee S$ 4.87
Espresso S$ 4.87
Cappuccino S$ 5.95
Café Latte S$ 5.95
Mochaccino S$ 5.95
Iced Coffee S$ 5.40
Iced Latte S$ 6.48

Swensen Tea

Swensen Tea

Swensen’s Tea offers a fantastic variety of options for tea connoisseurs. All of the teas on offer are ideal for unwinding & renewing the mind & body, from the calming Green Tea to the scented Earl Grey & delectable Fruit Infusions.

Swensen’s Tea, hot or iced, complements your meal since it’s comforting and tasty.

Menu Items Price
Hot Black Tea S$ 4.00
Hot Camomile Tea S$ 4.87
Hot Earl Grey Tea S$ 4.87
Hot Green Tea S$ 4.87
Hot Peppermint Tea S$ 4.87
Iced Lemon Tea S$ 5.40
Iced Peach Tea S$ 6.37

Swensens Allergen Menu

Swensen’s cares about all its customers, even those with food sensitivities. Their menu lists allergens including nuts, dairy, gluten, and others.

This transparency lets customers make informed nutritional decisions. Swensen’s Allergen Menu lets you enjoy their delicious food without worrying about food allergies.

Swensen’s offers a variety of options so everyone may enjoy their meals without sacrificing taste or health.

Swensens Vegan Menu

Swensen’s Vegan Menu meets Demand for plant-based options. This menu provides vegans with a delicious selection of meatless foods.

Swensen’s offers vegan pasta, burgers & shakes. The restaurant’s focus to inclusion and providing tasty vegan options shows their passion to ensuring all visitors enjoy their meals.

Swensens Kids Menu

Singapore’s Swensen’s Kids Menu delights kids. The menu offers healthy, kid-friendly options. Mini Burgers, Chicken Nuggets, Pasta, and Kiddie Sundaes are all portioned for little eaters.

Swensen’s Kids Menu makes family dining fun. Swensen’s serves healthy, kid-friendly dishes that leave even picky eaters happy.

Swensens Breakfast Menu

Singapore’s Swensen’s breakfast is delicious. Traditional American breakfast of eggs, bacon, and bread Sausage and hash potatoes on a platter means there’s food for everyone.

Maple syrup-topped pancakes or French toast are sweeter. Swensen’s Breakfast Menu offers classic and luxurious breakfast options. The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere is ideal for a fun Breakfast with family & friends.

Swensens Lunch Menu

A delicious variety of alternatives are available on Singapore’s Swensen’s Lunch Menu to satiate lunchtime hunger. Rice Bowls, Pasta, Sandwiches & Wraps are available.

The lunch menu has alternatives for everyone, from salads to complete meals. Swensen’s guarantees a great lunch experience for both individuals and groups with quick and responsive service.

Whether you’re having a leisurely lunch with friends or a quick bite at work, Swensen’s Lunch Menu will satisfy you.

Swensens Dinner Menu

Singapore’s Swensen’s Dinner Menu is a delicious way to conclude the day. The dinner menu has many appetizers, entrees, and desserts to suit all tastes. Enjoy mouthwatering steaks, seafood & pasta.

Swensen’s Dinner Menu includes something for everyone, from robust to light & flavorful. It’s perfect for a relaxing supper with family and friends due to its pleasant atmosphere and excellent service.

Swensens Near Me

Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from location to location, as franchises can set their own opening times.

These are the typical Swensens’ hours of operation.

Monday 10:00 am to 10:30 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am to 10:30 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am to 10:30 pm
Thursday 10:00 am to 10:30 pm
Friday 10:00 am to 10:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 10:30 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 10:30 pm

Swensens Singapore Information

Address:- 41 Tampines Street 92, ABR Building, S528881

Phone No.:- 6995 2500

Website:- https://swensens.com.sg/

FAQs About Swensens Menu Prices in Singapore

What is Swensen’s known for?

Our Signature Sundaes, Bake Shoppe Sundaes, Super Fantasy Supreme Sundaes, The Earthquake, and our Cable CarfaitsTM are just a few examples of the world-class sundaes that make Swensen’s® famous.

Are the menu prices at Swensen’s in Singapore reasonable?

In Singapore, Swensen’s has a reputation for having fair menu prices that strike a healthy mix between quality and affordability.

What is the history of Swensen?

History. Earle Swensen, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and learned to make ice cream there, founded the company in 1948. Swensen founded his first business in Russian Hill, San Francisco, at Union and Hyde Streets, near the cable car tracks.

Do the prices at Swensen’s include taxes and service charges?

Swensen’s in Singapore does not include taxes and service charges in the pricing listed on the menu.

What is on swensens Singapore menu?

Fish, meat, Impossible burgers, sour dough & sandwiches, baked rice, pasta, poultry, pizza, salads, soups, sides, ice cream cakes, mooncakes, ice creams, shakes & blends, tea, and beverages make up Swensens Singapore’s menu. Let’s examine each one in turn now.

Are there any special discounts or promotions available for the menu items?

Swensen’s, a popular Singaporean restaurant, does, in fact, regularly run specials and discounts on various menu items, such as meal deals and combos.

How many Swensen outlets are in Singapore?

Swesen Plaza Singapore, Swense tempine, swensen imm, viviocity, nex swensen, and many more are just a few of the more than twenty delivery locations listed on the Swensen Sg Menu. You may view the menus available at each Swensen Outlet in Singapore by clicking on the links below.

Are the prices consistent across all Swensen’s outlets in Singapore?

While most Swensen’s restaurants in Singapore use the same menu prices, there may be some localized changes.

How much does swensens cost?

After weekday lunch hours (2:30pm- 4:30pm), students can get a meal package with soft drinks and an opportunity to add a dessert (+$2) at Swensens for $9.80 or $12.80. Get in here quickly if you want to take advantage of this discount.

Does swensens have ice cream?

In addition to serving ice cream, Swensen’s has expanded into a chain of restaurants offering a wide selection of hearty entrees, sweets, and other treats.


Swensen’s in Singapore offers a variety of budget-friendly options as menu prices may vary by location. The menu includes ice cream treats, hearty mains, and tasty salads.

Locals and tourists like Swensen’s pleasant service and warm atmosphere. Swensen’s Singapore outlets or websites are the best sources for menu prices.

Disclaimer: Swensen’s Menu Prices in Singapore are subject to change without prior notice. Please check with the restaurant for the most up-to-date prices before placing your order.


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